Bay Leaves for Roaches: Do Bay Leaves Keep Roaches Away?

Roaches are a headache from the ancient times. They infect the food and leave bacteria in order causing various infections.

There can be various ways in which a roach can be kept away from our surroundings. Bay leaves are one of the solutions to keep the roaches away. In layman language, Bay leaves can also be referred as “Tej Pata”. It also is used in cooking because of their aroma.

Their smell irritates the roaches and in order keeps them away.  They can be a really impactful and proper care for the roaches to keep away without getting infected.

Do Bay Leaves Repel Cockroaches

Do bay leaves repel roaches?

Yes, bay leaves repel roaches. It can be termed as the most effective and non-dangerous method to avoid the roaches. They help in trying to repel the roaches around. Their aroma is enough to avoid the roaches. But, they cannot really help in killing them.

Cockroach and Bay Leaves: Is it a Myth?

No, cockroach and bay leaves are not a myth. It’s just that Bay leaves are just a repellent and doesn’t help in providing proper rid of these roaches. They just help in avoiding them and not killing them.

This source works also works when you don’t really want the roach to be dead. Its aroma only helps in avoiding the roaches and not killing them.

It should be kept in mind that at last bay leaves are not the ultimate way to get rid and can only be used as a repellent.

How to Use Bay Leaves to Get Rid of Roaches?

Bay Leaves and Cockroaches

Bay leaves can be used in various ways in order to get rid of the roaches. As it acts as a repellent, it also avoids killing of the roaches. Bay leaves can be kept anywhere i.e. a place where there is a sighting of insects.

It can be said that the leaves can be used where the sighting of the cockroaches are there. These places can be behind various appliances or cupboards i.e. wherever the need is felt.

Its aroma is enough to keep the cockroaches away from the area. It also is not dangerous for the human beings and is used as an ingredient in the various dishes in order to increase their aroma and taste.

Where to Find Bay Leaves?

Bay leaves are easily available. They can easily be purchased from the stores and can also be cultivated at home. It is preferable to grow it at home. It can help in various kinds of solutions to various problems. It also provides the aroma and taste to the food cooked and has various health benefits.

Are Bay Leaves Poisonous?

No, bay leaves are not poisonous. As this ingredient is used in cooking, this ingredient is the safest repellent. This ingredient cannot be harmful in any way. But, can change the taste and aroma if fresh leaves are used much.

Alternatives of Bay Leaves

There can be various alternatives as to use instead of Bay leaves. These alternatives can not only help in repelling but also killing the roaches. Some of them can be a really good idea to not only repel but, help in killing them. These alternatives are easily available and can be used be in some similar ways. Some of the ways or alternatives to bay leaves are

  • Peppermint Oil

This can be defined as the similar solution to this problem. This also acts as a repellent and is no permanent solution. This oil can easily be prepared at home. Fresh peppermint leaves, a glass jar with tight lid and Carrier oil (Olive oil can also be used) will be needed in making. The procedure for making peppermint oil at your home is as follows:

  1. Wash the peppermint leaves. Crush and crop them so that it releases its natural oil.
  2. Place the leaves in the jar and pour the carrier oil. You need to make sure that the oil covers the leaves completely. Then, seal the jar tightly and wait for 24 hours.
  3. Repeat the above process for five consecutive days.
  4. Now, remove the peppermint leaves by straining and pour the oil into another container.

Make sure to store it in a cool place. You can also read this short article about use of peppermint oil to repel cockroaches from your house.

  • Neem

Neem’s plant has many advantages including it helps as a repellent to fight the infestation in the surroundings.

  • Detergents

Detergents can also be a roach killer and make the roach to die. It may not sound a very good and effective idea. But, with the soap and water mixture, roaches can suffocate which will eventually lead to its death.

  • Sticky Tape & Glue Board

Sticky tape and glue board can easily be made and acts as a great idea in order to trap the roaches.

  • Cheap Wine

As cheap wine is not liked by human beings, it is similar in the roach’s case as well. It provides a sweet smell which in taking attracts the roaches. Within 24 hours of drinking it, the roaches can be dead.

Final Words

At last, it can be said that bay leaves can really be helpful and act as a great repellent in avoiding the cockroaches. It also is one of the methods which is not dangerous for anyone and its aroma helps in avoiding the roaches. But, doesn’t make the roaches die.

It can be considered as a repellent only and used in the areas where the infestation is not very much. To provide the perfect way to deal with an infestation is implementing various trusted and tried ways of repelling and cause their death.

So, it cannot be really determined in the areas where the infestation is really high, an expert should be hired in order to avoid this problem. This method can further be helpful in maintaining the area free of roaches.

It can be concluded that you can use bay leaves if you have a really soft heart and don’t require killing the insect. Otherwise, different methods to kill the cockroaches are present.

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