Do Bay Leaves Repel Roaches?

Isn’t it irritating to use chemical pesticides every time to eliminate those stubborn roaches from your house and still being unable to get rid of them?

I can see you nodding! That’s why this article is a must-read for you.

In this article, we have come up with an herbal alternative to use against these roaches- BAY LEAVES!

Keep reading to know more.

Bay leaves, and other natural alternatives mentioned below can be used to successfully repel the roaches in your home.

However, this is only possible if the infestation level is quite low, with only occasional visits by these hell-raisers in particular parts of your house.

Do Bay Leaves Repel Roaches?

The bay leaves are the natural repellents for the roaches as they find the smell of these leaves irritating and unbearable.

The fresh bay leaves are supposed to work more efficiently than the dry ones as they have a more intoxicating and vicious aroma that deters the roaches quickly.

do bay leaves keep roaches away

Do Bay Leaves Kill Roaches?

No, the bay leaves cannot kill the roaches.

Instead they help to keep roaches out of your homes and away with their potent smell.

The scent of the bay leaves is believed to be a strong repellent for the roaches as they find the smell bothersome and offensive.

How Do Bay Leaves Help In Getting Rid Of Roaches?

The cockroaches are nature’s way to recycle the dead and decaying matters to help clean the environment.

However, they are mostly unwelcomed in the houses as their roles are reversed since, in homes, they are responsible for creating nuances and spreading diseases.

bay leaves for roaches

The bay leaves from the tree of Laurusnobilisis is known as the natural repellent for the roaches.

The smell of the bay leaves is believed to act as a deterring agent to the roaches as they find the smell unattractive and intolerable.

Using Bay Leaves To Keep Roaches Away

The bay leaves cannot kill the roaches; however, they can repel them from coming into your houses.

The dry, as well as the fresh leaves both, can repel the roaches, but it is observed that the fresh leaves of the bay have higher repelling potential than the dry ones.

The bay leaves are easy to clean up as they are not flaky enough to create a mess.

The bay leaves can be used in creative ways to eliminate the roaches from your home by repelling them.

  • Spread the bay leaves all around the house wherever you have spotted the roaches crawling or hiding.
  • The most suspected areas are under the sink, behind the fridge, under cracks, and crevices of floors.
  • You can also fill the empty containers with the bay leaves and place them at random suspected places of your house.
  • Now, wait for a month and eventually see the results.
  • You can also use the powdered form of the bay leaves and sprinkle them in and under your beds and cupboards.
  • They are non-toxic thus can be sprinkled around without the fear of ingestion by other family members or pets.
  • You can also fill the garbage cans inside and out with bay leaves.
  • You can also grow the Laurusnobilisin in your house garden to keep the roaches at bay for a longer time.

Bay Leaf Alternatives To Keep The Roaches Away

Natural herbs are the best alternative to chemicals to eliminate the roaches out of your homes.

They may not be able to kill these roaches, but they can deter these bugs from hiding places in no time.

The bay leaves have been believed to be the best bug repellent, but there are also other alternatives to these bay leaves that can repel the roaches.

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are also popular for their bug-repellent features and have been commonly used by household owners to get rid of roaches from their homes in a natural way.

There are many different ways to use mint leaves to eliminate roaches from your home.

You can either spread the whole leaves all around the suspected areas of your house.

You can also crush these mint leaves and transfer the liquid extracted from the crushed leaves into a spray bottle and spray in all the suspected and known invasion areas by roaches.

alternative of bay leaves for roach control

The mint leaves can be freshly collected from your garden or bought from vegetable shops and then boiled in a cup of water.

The water is allowed to boil until the color changes to green, and the air is filled with the aroma of mint leaves.

The solution is allowed to cool and then transferred to a spray bottle.

The solution can be sprayed in all the infested areas of your house where you may have noticed the roaches crawling or hiding.

The mint leaves’ aroma is believed to repel the roaches as they find the smell disturbing.


Garlic is one of the most detestable natural remedies for the roaches as they find the smell of garlic extremely aggressive, unpleasant, and exasperating.

A few garlic cloves can help you get rid of these stubborn roaches out of your homes.

They are the best solution to keep the roaches away from your houses.

garlic for cockroach control

The garlic cloves can also be used in a powdered form against the roaches’ infestation in your house.

To get this powdered form, you need to grind the garlic by peeling off their coverings.

The powder is then sprinkled over all the infested areas of your house.

Diatomaceous Earth

The diatoms’ fossilized remains produce a white powder known as diatomaceous earth is believed to act as a bug repellent and is quite effective.

You can buy them anywhere as they are widely available, even in many household products.

natural repel roaches

You can also find food grade diatomaceous earth that is safe for both pets and people.

Before using the diatomaceous earth, ensure to clean and cover your entire apartment, sealing up all the possible food sources that can invite the roaches into your house.

You can mix cocoa powder or flour with the diatomaceous powder to prepare bait for the roaches and then sprinkle it in all the speculated areas of your house.

As the roaches come in contact with the dust, they will take this dust to their nests and feed others, eventually killing all of them.

Exterminate Roaches with Pest Control

Although bay leaves are an incredible alternative to repel roaches and keep them away from your home, they may not necessarily work in the case of a heavy cockroach infestation.

At such times, it is better to hire a licensed exterminator who could deal with this problem more efficiently and permanently, making your house 100% roach-free.

To know more about the qualified local exterminators in your area, fill the below-mentioned form to get free multiple quotes from the professional Pest Control Companies in your vicinity so that you can decide which one to hire for your infestation problem.

Final Words

It’s no secret that these roaches can be quite stubborn.

Therefore you need to be patient and utilize suitable techniques to gradually eliminate them from your homes.

And although these natural methods can be a slow approach, they are extremely effective, and most importantly, are harmless to both your family and your pets.

It is always advised to use these herbal alternatives rather than chemical pesticides as long exposure to pesticides can cause serious diseases to you as well as your loved ones.

However, please note that all these natural equivalents do not necessarily kill these roaches; they may merely repel them and get them out of your house!

But, they are quite efficient in doing so if the infestation is within control and hasn’t spread all over your house.

Have you ever tried these alternatives in your home? And did they repel the roaches? Do let us know below.

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