Get Rid of German Cockroaches Successfully | Tried & Tested Solutions

There is nothing more infuriating than to spot the obstinate and hideous German cockroaches crawling around your house as soon as you turn on the lights in your kitchen or bathroom.

It can be extremely frustrating to watch them flying around, infecting your whole house and carrying diseases.

This is why we have researched on this topic and assembled all the different ways to eliminate German cockroaches- from killing to repelling them out of the house completely.

So let’s begin.

How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches

German roaches are the widely spotted small cockroaches in your homes or apartments that are carried or hitchhiked into your house by your man’s belongings, luggage, or packages from a trek or tour.

These roaches are quite sensitive to light and thus appear at night in the absence of light; they can be easily detected in your house as they produce an infuriating foul odor.

get rid of german cockroaches

The German roaches are known to carry serious diseases and be a health hazard, especially in restaurants.

These roaches are majorly found in the kitchens and bathrooms of your house as they prefer moisture, food, and water to survive and reproduce.

The female German cockroaches mate once in their lifetime and can produce many eggs as they tend to store sperms in their body for later use.

A single capsule can produce hundreds of roaches at a time, multiplying the number of roaches invading your house; therefore, it is quite evident to get rid of these German cockroaches as soon as they are spotted.

There are several ways to drive these roaches out of your house and prevent them from invading your house later.

Some of these methods are listed below that you can practice in order to prevent the invasion of the roaches into your homes.

Clear Away Food and Debris

The Roaches raid your house mainly, searching for food, water, and moisture for their survival; it takes just one leaky faucet and one dirty dish for the roaches to make your home their permanent residence.

However, research has found that the roaches can survive even after being deprived of food, water, and moisture for as long as a month.

These roaches can be extremely ferocious for their desire to survive and thrive; therefore, it can be extremely difficult and you can say impossible to get rid of these stubborn, brainless pests from your house easily. 

Hence, it is imperative to keep your house clean at all times, from the bedroom, kitchen to your bathroom.

It is evident that you clean up all your dishes and sweep your kitchen floor and kitchen slabs with disinfectants before you wrap up your day and run into your bed.

eliminate german roaches

Check all the faucets in your house, from your bathroom to your kitchen, and close them tight after every use; always keep on checking leakage from your taps in your bathrooms, kitchen, and lawns.

Nobody enjoys cleaning their fridge regularly, thus inviting the roaches to feed upon your property.

Therefore, always try to keep your refrigerator clean and organized daily, and along with the back of the refrigerator, you can opt for your fridge’s deep cleaning once in a week or two.

Always store your garbage in a closed bin with a tight-fitting lid and clean it out regularly.

You also need to clean the spilled food on your appliances after every meal to avoid the roaches feeding on them.

Eliminate Moisture

The German cockroaches find comfort in a moistened environment and tend to reproduce more.

These areas offer the roaches a favorable environment to sprout rapidly; it proves to be evident to eliminate excessive moisture from your home and keep the environment clean as well as moisture-free.

The best cost-effective and natural way to eliminate moisture from your house is by growing plants capable of absorbing the moisture from your house, especially on humid days.

eliminate moisture for roaches

The second way to eliminate moisture, especially in your kitchen and bathroom, is by installing exhaust fans that capture the excess moisture and blows it out.

You can also install a dehumidifier in your house if the level of humidity in your house exceeds 65%.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

The German cockroaches tend to hide in the cracks and crevices of your house or apartment during the day and come out searching for food at night.

Thus, it can be quite tricky for you to spot them and their nests to eliminate them out of your homes.

The German Roaches do not prefer to crawl freely in your house; instead, they move around your house through the holes and cracks in the walls.

As they mostly haunt your house for food, water and moisture, thus narrowing down their areas of the business to be near pipes, drains, shelves, kitchen sinks, etc.

seal cracks to eliminate roaches

These places should be thoroughly examined for any cracks or holes in them and seal them as soon as they are spotted to prevent roaches’ entry into your homes.

You can seal the cracks and crevices using products such as cement, expanding foam, and clay.

In the case of pipes, you need to check on them regularly as you may never know damage has occurred.

Kill German Cockroaches with the Best Roach Killers

There are innumerable ways to kill German cockroaches, and some of the best as well as preferred German roach killer options in the market are listed below.

We have discussed here different modes of control measures significantly to eliminate the German cockroaches.

The most recommended methods are using cockroach gel baits, roach traps, and cockroach sprays.

Cockroach Gel Baits

It has been found that the gel baits alone can reduce the high level of infestations in your house as they are exceptionally efficient and effective.

The gel baits are formed using a variety of insecticide formulations that control and eliminate the roaches.

The baits used in the formulation are typically created by keeping the specificity of a roaches’ temptation towards particular baits.

These gel baits typically work by enticing the Roaches towards appealing bait to feed on it, thinking of it as a food source, and ingesting the insecticide that eventually kills it.

eliminate german roaches

As the roach feeds upon the bait, it does not die instantly; it takes the left out bait along with it to the nest and shares it with fellow roaches, eventually killing others and destroying the nest.

However, you may remove the old baits and reapply fresh baits as the gel baits tend to dry, making it quite unappealing to the pests.

Roach Traps

The roach traps are the best way to kill the German baby roaches without creating a mess, as the primary objective of the traps is to kill the pest and keep the dead confined and out of sight.

This prevents you from exhausting yourself cleaning up the messes all-around your house, which can be pretty unpleasant to watch.

Instead of using poison or a toxic chemical, the traps use a highly scented and sticky substance that entices the roaches to run to the cardboard containing the bait.

These roaches get stuck in the cardboard while feeding on the bait and, as they are unable to check out, soon perish due to the lack of sustenance.

It can be considered a natural way to eliminate the roaches, as they do not use any kind of toxic chemicals that can be hazardous to the people and pets around in the house.

Cockroach Sprays & Foggers

The cockroach sprays and foggers are a durable and instant option to kill German cockroaches and eliminate them from your house.

The aerosol spray can be used both inside and outside of your home.

They also feature jet-sprays that allow you to spray the roach killer by maintaining a safe distance from the roaches as they can easily detect danger and might run into their nests with a speed you can never match.

roach spray for german roaches

As soon as the tiny german roaches or cockroach eggs come in contact with the aerosol spray, it deforms and destroys their whole structure leaving them to cry in pain and instantly die.

However, these foggers can be used only on the roaches in sight and only in the suspected areas; they fail to destroy the nests and are not a suitable option for heavy infestation.

Home Remedies to Kill German Cockroaches

Many household owners have considered the home remedies as an alternative and the best way to get rid of German cockroaches in 2021 as it’s a natural and cost-effective way to eliminate them without causing health issues in people and pets around.

Some of the most common home remedies are listed below.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance obtained from the fossilized remains of aquatic life and can be easily found in local stores or online shopping websites.

While purchasing diatomaceous earth for roaches, always ensure to opt for the food grade diatomaceous earth that is safe for both pets and humans around the house.

The food-grade DE is even safe to consume by both humans and pets.

However, it works effectively on the pests as the sharp tiny crystals of DE damage roaches’ digestive system as they feed on them, resulting in dehydration and then eventually death.

The application of diatomaceous earth is quite simple as you only need to spread the powder all around the suspected and spotted areas of the house.

Always ensure to clean out the damp places in the area before applying the powder; reapply the powder as many times required by sweeping out the old one.

Baking Soda and Sugar

Using baking soda is rather a simple and quick way to get rid of the roaches and eliminate them from your house or apartment.

The basic ingredients used to prepare the mixture are pretty easy to find in the kitchen of almost all households; this mixture effectively kills the roaches, and you would notice a drop in the number of roaches in your house.

However, you will have to first spot all the areas invaded by the roaches to place the bait and for the bait to work effectively.

baking soda for german cockroaches

The baking soda used in the mixture is the active ingredient in the bait prepared as it does not instantly react on the roaches; it mixes with the acid of the stomach and kills them over time.

The sugar in the mixture acts as bait to entice the cockroaches.

To prepare this mixture, you will have to mix equal parts of baking soda with equal parts of sugar and then sprinkle it in all the suspected areas of your house.


Borax is the preferred insecticide to kill the roaches as it has a relatively low-risk of poisoning humans and pets around the house.

Borax kills the roaches upon ingestion instead of killing them on contact that makes it the favorite device to kill the roaches and destroy their nests.

Borax alone can never attract the roaches; hence you need to use an attractive bait to entice them towards the source to feed on it.

borax for german cockroaches

The bait to be used for the application of borax depends upon your choice and preference; you can either use it in powder or sprinkle it by mixing it in water and spraying it in all the assumed areas.

However, you may have to reapply the borax several times, and also, the process of extermination can be pretty slow than the boric acid.


The bleach can also effectively kill the roaches by either ingestion or drowning the cockroaches into the solution of bleach.

Unlike pesticides, bleach never leaves behind an infuriating and irritating smell lingering behind; however, it needs careful handling due to its lethality.

Bleach acts as a repellent to roaches as they find its smell quite offensive thus, using bleach-soaked bread crumbs or spreading bleach all around the house won’t attract the cockroaches to feed on it.

bleach for roaches

The only way to kill the roaches by using bleach is to drown them in a bleach solution with water or pure bleach solution.

This process can be quite disgusting, unpleasant, and even impractical to kill all the roaches by drowning them.

Boric Acid

Boric Acid is the most effective home remedy to kill the roaches easily found in local stores or online shops.

Boric acid is the most widely used home remedy to kill cockroaches and eliminate them from your house or apartment; they are lethal and kill the roaches as soon as they come in contact.

boric acid for german cockroaches

Due to the boric acid’s poisonous nature, you need to be quite careful while using it around your home, especially with children and pets around.

If ingested accidentally, it can lead to severe poisoning in the body leading to death as well; even long exposure to the acid can also lead to serious illness in the body.

While spreading boric acid around the house, always ensure light dusting the areas rather than pouring a huge amount in one place, leading to its ineffectiveness.

Home Remedies to Repel German Cockroaches

We have now discussed how to kill these roaches and decline their number in the house by eliminating them.

Now, we will study the different ways to repel these German roaches from entering the house and thus preventing German cockroach infestation in a very early step.

There are various methods and tools available to repel these German roaches by using the objects’ smell as a tool to repel them away.

eliminate german cockroaches

These methods can help people who are not a fan to watch the roaches dying in pain and their carcasses littering all around.

However, using these home remedies for German roaches treatment can be quite a slow process.

Peppermint Oil

The essential oils are believed to have natural repellent properties to repel various kinds of pests out of the house, especially roaches, due to their strong aromatic smell.

Peppermint essential oil extracted from the leaves of the peppermint plant is a potent repellent for roaches.

Research has proved that they have a wonderfully refreshing scent that annoys and offends the cockroaches.

peppermint oil for German cockroaches

It does have any toxic properties to kill the roaches; hence they are safe to be used around the house with pets and humans, especially children.

They can only successfully drive away from the roaches and prevent their entry into your houses.

There is another benefit to the use of peppermint oil as it quickly refreshes the room and keeps the environment clean as well as calm.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are natural roach repellent as their aroma deeply disturbs and annoys the roaches.

These leaves are beneficial to drive away these roaches from your homes and keep you clean as well as pest-free.

They are also safe to be used around the house with pets and children due to their herbal and non-poisonous nature.

bay leaves for roaches

You can use bay leaves in powder by grinding them in a blender or by using mortar and pestle if available.

Sprinkle the powdered bay leaves all around the house suspected of infestation, and the smell of this Asian spice will likely repel the roaches from home.


Mothballs are usually made up of chemicals like naphthalene and camphor into small balls or palettes known worldwide to repel the roaches with their strong and enraging smell.

The mothballs release a pungent odor that annoys and irritates the cockroaches quite enough to repel them away from your homes or apartments.

Mothballs are quite poisonous, so you have to be extremely careful while placing them around the house, especially with the children and pets around.

Placing the mothball is a pretty easy task; you only have to spread the mothballs in the assumed infested areas where they convert to gas-producing the toxic smell and eventually decrease in size in about a month.


Catnip belongs to the family of mint and is an excellent repellent to the roaches.

The roaches are quite sensitive to the chemical present in the catnip called nepetalactone.

This chemical acts on the roaches’ nervous system, causing them to lose their sense of direction, ultimately repelling them from your house.

The catnip can be used by preparing tea from the catnip plant and spraying it in areas around the house, likely to be infested by the roaches.

catnip for german cockroaches

To prepare the tea, you will only need the catnip leaves and water, bring it to boil, and transfer it to a spray bottle.

The catnip for roaches is only responsible for repelling rather than killing them; therefore, it can be used in houses or apartments with a low infestation level.

The roaches are incredibly adaptive and can adapt to these home remedies or chemical insecticides quite quickly; therefore, you will have to keep changing the method to confuse and prevent them from adapting to any form of prevention.

Taking Help of an Exterminator

The German Roaches are quite resilient and extremely ferocious on account of their survival.

These are persistent creatures and stubborn enough to never leave your house entirely even after trying all the methods mentioned above.

In situations like these, you should call a professional exterminator.

eliminate german cockroaches

Even after trying all these DIY methods and best-known roach killers available in the market, there are high chances that you may still spot the German cockroaches around some space of your house.

If you want to get rid of the infestation entirely and quickly, you need to work with a professional exterminator.

Eliminate Roaches with Professional Pest Control

Now that we’ve discussed all the alternatives to eliminate and repel German roaches, it is essential to note that these solutions may not necessarily work in the case of a full-fledge roach infestation.

This is where a licensed exterminator comes in the picture! To know more about this, fill the below-mentioned form to get free multiple quotes from the professional Pest Control Companies in your vicinity so that you can decide which one to hire for your infestation problem.

Don’t worry, all your personal details are completely safe here! And by filling the form, at least, you’ll know how much you will have to pay if you take the help of your local exterminators.

Final Words

Nothing is more frustrating than a roach infestation, and these persistent creatures will make your homes a permanent residence in no time; therefore, quick actions need to be taken as soon as a cockroach is spotted.

However, you need to be extremely patient while dealing with them.

These pesky buggers are extremely difficult to eliminate; therefore, you need to be calm, patient and follow the chosen process religiously and regularly in order to eradicate them successfully and for an extended period.

How do you deal with roaches your house? Do let us know in the comments below.

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