Do Cockroaches Make Noise?

Noise is one of the many signs that tell that your home has been invaded by roaches. The sound made by cockroaches can be annoying and disturbing especially if it a massive infestation.

Here is the good news; you do not have to endure the noisy roaches anymore. In this article, we will provide you with answers to the fundamental questions and solution to the annoying roach noise.

do roaches produce noise

Do Cockroaches Make Noise?

Many people frequently ask if roaches do make noise – yes, they do. Most times what we hear is the little creeping insects’ legs scurrying on the walls of your kitchen or cabinets or the sounds from roaches flapping its wings.

However, like other insects, cockroaches produce sounds very similar to chirping or hissing. However, only a few people can experience this sounds as large numbers of roaches species do not make this sound.

Why Do Cockroaches Make Noise?

There are several reasons behind the hissing or chirping sound made by roaches. Sometimes, a roach makes the noise when it is trying to mate. A male cockroach will rub its pronotum against its coastal veins which produces sounds essential during its courtship. This noise aims to attract the other partner to mate.

Also, roaches make this annoying noise when it senses a threat or feels it in danger. Often, this threat is usually between two or more males cockroaches. However, a threat can come from any animal; it does not have to be two or more male cockroach.

This noise can become unbearable if the infestation is massive, as it results in male roaches encountering one another which makes it feel threatened. Anyone with this experience would understand how annoying the noise can grow into if not handle as soon as possible.

Do Roaches Hiss?

The peculiar hissing sound produced by specie of roaches called Madagascar cockroach has made it famous among all other species. The hissing noise is very distinct, and loud. It can create this hissing sound due to air force out of a modified pair of breathing hole – spiracles (located on its abdomen).

The hissing sound helps cockroaches identify who is more significant in size. With this loud hissing sound, roaches can quickly know which male roach is in charge of the territory.

This information about a roach size does not put an end to an altercation between to two male cockroaches; it only provides roaches with an idea of what it is going up against before making any decisions. Equally, just like other noisy cockroaches, Madagascar roach makes loud hissing sounds if it feels any threat or comes in contact with a human.


Not all species are known to make audible annoying noise – the Amercian and German. However, certain species such as Australian and Madagascar hissing cockroaches are known to produce sounds under two conditions – courtship or fighting. Cockroaches are not similar to cricket regarding noise. Though a roach’s noise is mostly confused with that of a cricket click sounds.

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