What Kills Cockroaches Instantly: How to Kill Roaches Quickly

Immediately you find a roach crawling up your kitchen wall, the very first thing that pops up on your mind is what kills cockroaches instantly. Roaches are not only known for their nuisance, but they are also known to carries disease and causes asthmatic reactions.
With a few roaches, you can have them multiply unexpectedly. A female roach can lay as many as from 10 – 90 eggs in an instant. These eggs do not take more than few days to hatch. Therefore, handling these creepy without immediate response can lead to an uncontrollable disaster.

To get started, with this review will discuss practical methods to kill roaches instantly. Today, there are several effective methods such as Bait gel, boric acid, sprays, exterminators, etc. However, these treatments have distinctive advantages and disadvantages. If you do not want to choose amiss, It is advisable to weigh your options and decide concerning your immediate situation.

What kills cockroaches instantly

What Kills Roaches Instantly? (4 Effective Ways)

Roach Bait Gel

This treatment helps handle both light and heavy roaches infestation without help from professionals. Bait Gel is often considered the best roach killer, due to its ability to wipe out a colony within few weeks. Aside from its effectiveness, it is quite easy to place and does not make a mess of your home. Setting the bait gel isn’t time-consuming, yet provides impressive results.

The roaches bait gel contains an active ingredient called indoxacarb, responsible for killing several roaches instantly. This method of treatment works by using an attractive bait to attract roaches to consume the bait, which contains indoxacarb. The bait is usually taken back to the nest for other roaches to feed on likewise.

Furthermore, the bait gel after consumption poisons the roach’s feces, and would also cause the demise of any cockroach that feeds on it. A dead roach as a result of eating the bait get, also become poisonous, killing other roaches feeding on the dead roach.

This method of treatment is efficient, fast, and less stressful. All you have to do is placed the bait, which is already designed to be irresistible by roaches. With a single roach feasting on it, multitudes of roaches can be eradicated without hassle.

Roach baits kills them quickly, therefore these are one of the best roach killers on the market.

Boric Acid

Using boric acid to get rid of roaches is an active, natural and popular method of treatment. The acid is potent and if used appropriately can kill off several infesting roaches in your home. Although this method is unlike the bait gel, it cannot eradicate an infestation. It, however, kill off any roaches that come in constant with it directly.

The boric acid has to be placed on the spot with a high likelihood of roaches crawling past it. The acid sticks to the cockroach, immediately it crawls over it. It causes intense damages to its exoskeleton and leads to dehydration. It usually takes a roaches 1 – 3 days after direct contact before the acid kills it.

Note, for this method of treatment to work effectively; you must use the boric acid properly. You need to place the boric acid in a very minute amount almost not visible to your eyes. If you use a more substantial amount, roaches will stay from such areas. The goal is to make roaches walk over it. Also, for fast and quicker results use alongside with bait gel.

Roach Sprays

If you look for a treatment method that kills roaches instantly on the stop, then Sprays are the top-tier pick. This method is often most people’s choice as it allows you to see their death immediately after they are sprayed.

However remarkable it feels to see these creepy insects die right on the spot, it has few downsides. Using spray is not only poisonous to roaches and insects but also has a negative impact on your health if a lot is inhaled. This method is messier than the other two discussed treatment methods. It leaves residuals at any point sprayed. And can be a very hectic choice, as you are required to spray roaches directly.


There is an excellent option if you have a massive roach infestation. They are professionals at getting rid of any infestation. Although it might be costly using this treatment, you get to stay free and safe from them.

It’s essential you understand that prevention is better than handling an infestation. Avoid getting roaches into your homes is a more appropriate idea.

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