Where Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs? Places to Find Roach Eggs

Cockroaches are very tough pests, and they can live for up to 3 months without food. Most of us don’t like their appearance, and we find them disgusting. Not only their disgusting look is the problem, they are also responsible for spreading many diseases. Even, roaches can also bite you

But, when it comes to roaches, one question comes to our mind.

do cockroaches lay eggs?

Do Roaches Lay Eggs?

The answer is very simple.

Yes, cockroaches lay eggs, and therefore, they are able to grow their population very fast.

How many eggs does a cockroach lay?

Well, it depends on the species to species.

If a female cockroach gets optimum environment, then in her lifetime, she will produce nearly 300 to 400 offsprings.

The female roaches lay eggs that are approximately 50 to 60 in number, totally depends on the species. You can find roaches that lay more than 100 eggs at one time.

The eggs of roaches are protective by the shell named as ootheca. All the eggs stay inside until they hatch.

Where Do Roaches Lay Eggs?

You may have noticed that whenever you heard roaches crawling in your kitchen, and as soon as you ON the lights, they all hide.

This is because, roaches love dark places, and therefore, when you ON the lights, they move to the dark areas.

The same way, the best place for roaches to lay eggs are the dark areas, where light does not reach.

If you have a cockroach infestation in your house, then you can find baby cockroaches and their eggs in the dark areas. If you don’t know how the babies look like, then you can see these pictures of baby cockroaches.  Roaches never lay their eggs in the places where light reach very easily.

The places where roaches lay eggs are:

  • Dark Corners
  • Drawers: Many times, drawers are the best places for cockroaches to lay their eggs, because drawers stay closed for most of the time, and they didn’t get disturbed.
  • Garbage Cans: Roaches may not lay their eggs inside the garbage cans because garbage is being collected almost every day. But, you can find them near the garbage cans, leftover foods, because in those places, they can easily find food.
  • Cracks: If you find cracks in your house, then make sure, you can check them. Because cracks and crevices are the top places for cockroaches to lay their eggs. In those places, they will stay protected from light, and outside environment.
  • Inside Pipes: Drainage and sewer pipes are also the perfect places where roaches can lay their eggs. These are dirty, away from light, and stay moist, all the things that roaches want.

Final Words

If you find roach eggs in your house, but don’t find roaches, then you should be alerted. It means that they are present in your house, but you didn’t find them.

The baby roaches are very small, and therefore, there are many chances that you ignore them. But, later, they can increase their population, and then getting rid of those baby roaches can be very difficult.

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Dinesh has a few years of experience in Pest control. Apart from his interest in sports, he has helped many people to get rid of cockroaches and other pests.

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