Best Bed Bug Spray 2023: Effective Solutions for Pesky Pests

Bed bugs are a common and persistent problem that can cause discomfort and stress in any living space. These unwelcome guests can be difficult to eliminate, and traditional methods like washing and vacuuming may not be enough to fully eradicate the infestation. This is where bed bug sprays come into play, offering a targeted and effective solution for homeowners looking to protect their homes and families from these pests.

Bed bug sprays are formulated with various active ingredients that aim to kill bed bugs on contact or provide residual effects, making them ideal for treating specific areas like mattresses, furniture, and carpets. These products allow users to effectively treat their living spaces without the need for professional extermination services, making them a convenient and cost-effective option for many.

When choosing the best bed bug spray, it’s essential to consider factors such as efficacy, safety, and ease of application. The active ingredients in a spray can vary, ranging from chemical-based formulations to natural alternatives like essential oils. Understanding the best option for your situation is crucial in ensuring that the product adequately targets bed bugs while minimizing any potential harm to your family and pets. Additionally, consider the size of the area you need to treat, as some sprays have broader coverage than others and may require multiple applications for maximum effectiveness.

Having explored the importance of bed bug sprays and the considerations to keep in mind when making a purchase, we have carefully assessed and tested a variety of products to bring you our top recommendations. In the following section, we will dive into the details of each spray, comparing their efficacy, safety, and ease-of-use, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and keeps your home bed bug-free.

Best Bed Bug Sprays

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best bed bug sprays available, ensuring effective and safe solutions for your pest problems.

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer

Ortho Home Defense Max

Consider the Ortho Home Defense Max for effective bed bug, flea, and tick control with an easy-to-use comfort wand.


  • Targets multiple pests (bed bugs, fleas, and ticks)
  • Tackles pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
  • Comes with a continuous spray Comfort Wand


  • Wand may not work consistently
  • Multiple applications may be required
  • Not all users report satisfactory results

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer is a versatile spray that targets bed bugs, their eggs, as well as fleas and ticks. Formulated to combat even the toughest pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs, this spray serves as the second step in a comprehensive 3-step bed bug solution system.

The product comes with a continuous spray Comfort Wand, allowing users to easily reach hard-to-access areas. When applied properly, it can be used as a spot treatment around bed frames, mattress seams, tufts, folds, and baseboards, ensuring a thorough pest control intervention.

However, some users have reported that the wand may not work consistently, or that multiple applications may be needed to achieve the desired results. Although the majority of user reviews are positive, it is advisable to carefully monitor the application and follow all directions to maximize effectiveness.

HARRIS White Label Bed Bug Killer

HARRIS White Label Bed Bug Killer

HARRIS White Label Bed Bug Killer is a reliable choice for those seeking an effective, odorless, and non-staining bed bug spray.


  • Kills resistant bed bugs and their eggs
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Long-lasting residual effect


  • Must be used according to label directions
  • Not for use on body or bedding
  • May require multiple applications

This EPA-registered bed bug spray effectively kills even the most resistant bed bugs and their eggs. HARRIS White Label Bed Bug Killer is a liquid spray that provides quick knockdown action when sprayed directly on bed bugs. The odorless and non-staining formula ensures that it won’t leave any unpleasant smell or marks on fabrics.

The bed bug killer continues to be effective for up to 16 weeks after the initial application, providing a long-term solution for bed bug infestations. However, it is imperative to follow the label directions for safe and proper use. It is not designed for direct application on the body or bedding and may require multiple applications for complete eradication.

Overall, HARRIS White Label Bed Bug Killer is a potent option for those facing bed bug issues due to its ability to target resistant bugs, fast-acting formula, and long-lasting residual effect. However, make sure to read and follow the label directions carefully to ensure safe and effective usage.

EcoVenger Bed Bug Killer

EcoVenger Bed Bug Killer

We recommend the EcoVenger Bed Bug Killer for those who need a highly-effective and eco-friendly solution to eliminate bed bugs.


  • Proven effective through USDA IR4 PHP Program
  • Kills all stages of bed bugs, including resistant ones
  • Provides extended dry residual protection for up to two weeks


  • Unpleasant smell
  • Issues with the spray nozzle and trigger
  • Uncertainty about eliminating all bugs

The EcoVenger Bed Bug Killer is a highly effective solution for eradicating bed bugs in your home. This product has been field tested by research entomologists and is part of the USDA IR4 PHP Program, which means it has been proven to work in difficult environments. The EcoVenger spray is formulated to kill all stages of bed bug life, including adult, nymph, and even resistant bed bug populations.

One major advantage of using EcoVenger Bed Bug Killer is the extended dry residual protection it offers. University studies have shown that this product can provide protection against bed bugs for up to two weeks after it has dried on surfaces. This means you can be confident that your home will stay bed bug-free for an extended period.

On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks to using this bed bug spray. Firstly, the smell is reported to be unpleasant for some users. In addition, there have been issues with the spray nozzle and trigger, making it difficult for users to apply the product effectively. Lastly, there is uncertainty about whether this product can eliminate all bed bugs, as some users have speculated that a few bugs may be left behind.

In conclusion, the EcoVenger Bed Bug Killer is a powerful and eco-friendly solution for those seeking to eliminate bed bugs in their home. Despite a few drawbacks, such as the smell and issues with the spray nozzle, the effectiveness and extended protection of this product make it a worthwhile choice for tackling bed bug infestations.

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Spray

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Spray

Consider Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Spray for effective bed bug and egg elimination without leaving stains or odors.


  • Targets bed bugs, eggs, fleas, and dust mites
  • Indoor use on mattress creases, vent holes, and indentations
  • Water-based, non-staining formula


  • Not for use on pets
  • Requires multiple applications for best results
  • May cause sneezing or itching in sensitive individuals

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Spray is a potent solution for tackling bed bug infestations in your home, particularly on mattresses and other indoor furniture. This water-based formula is designed to kill not only adult bed bugs but also their eggs. Additionally, it’s effective against pre-adult fleas and dust mites, providing a comprehensive solution to common household pests.

One of the product’s main advantages is its water-based, non-staining formula, which allows you to use it on various surfaces without worrying about discoloration or unpleasant lingering odors. Keep in mind, however, that this spray is not suitable for use on pets, so be cautious not to apply it directly to your furry friends.

For the best results, it’s essential to use this spray as part of a comprehensive bed bug treatment plan. This means applying the product every two weeks until the infestation is under control. Some users have mentioned experiencing sneezing or itching during the application process, so we suggest taking care if you have allergic sensitivities.

In conclusion, Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Spray is a valuable addition to an integrated pest management strategy for bed bugs, fleas, and dust mites. With its non-staining water-based formula, it offers a convenient solution for indoor applications. Just remember to apply consistently and exercise caution if you have any sensitivities to such products.

Buying Guide

As we venture into the world of bed bug sprays, it’s crucial to make informed decisions to find the best product that suits your needs. To help you with your search, we have outlined a few essential features you should consider.

Bed Bug Life Stages

Bed bugs go through several life stages, from eggs to adults. It’s vital to choose a spray that effectively targets all stages of the bed bug life cycle to ensure that you’re not only killing the adults but preventing new generations from hatching and thriving.

Type of Active Ingredients

There are mainly two types of active ingredients used in bed bug sprays: chemical and natural. Chemical-based sprays consist of potent insecticides, which can kill bed bugs quickly but may pose risks to your health or the environment. On the other hand, natural products use eco-friendly substances like essential oils, which are safer but may require multiple applications to be effective.

Residual Effect

A crucial feature to look for in bed bug sprays is their residual effect. This refers to the length of time the product continues to kill or repel bed bugs after being applied. The longer the residual effect, the higher the chances of eradicating all bed bugs in your home.


Safety should be a top priority when choosing a bed bug spray. Ensure that the product you select is safe for your family and pets, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Pay attention to any warnings or precautions listed to avoid any health risks or adverse effects.

Ease of Application

A bed bug spray that is easy to apply will make the treatment process a lot smoother. Look for products with a precise applicator and clear instructions for best results. Some products may also include a growth regulator, which helps prevent bed bugs from reaching the adult stage, and adds another layer of protection.

By considering these features in your search for the perfect bed bug spray, you can confidently select a product that will address your situation most effectively. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective spray for killing bed bugs and their eggs?

We believe that the most effective bed bug spray for killing bed bugs and their eggs is one that contains pyrethroids or pyrethrins. These chemicals are known to effectively kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. It is essential to thoroughly treat affected areas to ensure complete elimination.

Which professional-grade spray is best for bed bug extermination?

One of the top professional-grade bed bug sprays is Temprid SC, which features a combination of two powerful active ingredients, imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin. This gives it a long-lasting residual effect, making it highly effective for bed bug extermination.

How do homemade bed bug sprays compare to store-bought ones?

Homemade bed bug sprays, such as those made from essential oils or rubbing alcohol, may provide some relief but are typically less effective than store-bought sprays. Store-bought sprays are specifically formulated to target bed bugs and their eggs, while homemade options may not provide the same level of effectiveness or long-lasting results.

What is the top-rated bed bug spray according to Consumer Reports?

Consumer Reports recommends EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer as a top choice. This plant-based spray is effective in killing both bed bugs and their eggs and has been independently tested to be safe for use around children and pets.

Which spray is best for treating a bed bug-infested mattress?

To treat a bed bug-infested mattress, we recommend a spray that is labeled specifically for use on mattresses, such as Steri-Fab Bed Bug Spray or JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Plus. Both products are effective at killing bed bugs and their eggs and can be safely used on mattresses.

What can be applied on the skin to prevent bed bug bites?

For preventing bed bug bites, we recommend using products with DEET, such as OFF! Deep Woods. DEET is proven to be effective at repelling a variety of insects, including bed bugs. Applying a DEET-based product on your skin can help reduce the likelihood of bed bug bites during an infestation.

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