Catnip for Roaches: Getting Rid of Cockroaches with Catnip

It sounds crazy when you want to imagine a world without cockroaches. What if I tell you, there can be various ways to improve this problem without much of cost?

It sounds good, right?

There are various home remedies that can be used against roaches. Some work great and you’ll see a good result, but some are not very effective.

Today, we are going to discuss the use of Catnip for Roach Control.

But, does catnip repel roaches from your house?

Today, you’ll get to know about the effectiveness of this plant.

So, let’s get started.

Get rid of Cockroaches with Catnip

Does Catnip Repel Cockroaches?

Yes, catnip does repel cockroaches. It also affects the children if they come into contact in a negative way. It isn’t really a powerful repellent. Various other repellents can be chosen in turn of this.

Some of the methods which can be chosen other than this method include Peppermint Oil, Bay leaves which have absolutely no bad effect in the long run as compared to this. These methods can be prepared at home also. So, they are easy options as compared to catnip.

How to Make a Catnip Roach Repellent Spray

A catnip roach repellent spray is only beneficial to repel the roaches and cannot kill them. Catnip seeds can either be purchased from the market or can be grown at home.

The procedure to make catnip roach repellent spray(Catnip tea) may be

  • You need to boil water.
  • Now, place the catnip in boiling water.
  • Allow the nip to sit in boiling water for several minutes.
  • Stop heating the water and allow it to cool
  • One catnip tea is enough
  • Now insert it in into a spray bottle

You can now spray away on the spotted areas.

Can I Get Rid of Roaches with Catnip Alone?

No, you cannot get rid of roaches with catnip alone. Catnip is also not an effective method to repel the roaches. Various methods which can be effective with catnip and may also help in making cockroaches dead are:

This can be the various methods which can be used in order to repel or may kill roaches. There can be other methods also which can be used alongside with catnip to get better results.

Final Words

At last, it can be said that catnip is not really effective repellent. It should be used alongside various other repellents. It can also be dangerous for the children living at home. This method is not a proven or recommended method to repel the cockroaches.

If there is a serious infestation in your house, it is recommended to take the help of a professional. He can properly analyze and make the place free of roaches. After that, you can apply this method to repel the cockroaches, alongside with other methods. This method will not be strictly recommended if to use alone.

It can be concluded that for the best result, catnip should be used alongside with other repellents for the best results.

Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh has a few years of experience in Pest control. Apart from his interest in sports, he has helped many people to get rid of cockroaches and other pests.

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