What Happens to Roaches in Winter?

Everyone knows that roaches thrive in summer season because they love warm, humid areas and hot temperatures. This is one of the major reasons why the roaches multiply so rapidly in the summers! But what about these same roaches in winters? What happens to them in cold frigid climate? As per popular belief , roaches […]

How Did Cockroaches Get Their Name?

How Did Cockroaches Get Their Name? Have you heard of the Blattodea order? It’s home to over 4,500 cockroach species that exist worldwide. Talk about diversity! These critters are known for their incredible adaptability, being able to survive in all sorts of environments, from the sticky sewers to chilly Arctic regions. They’re like the MacGyvers […]

Bed Bugs vs. Cockroaches

There are many irritating things in this world, but nothing will irritate you more than bed bugs and roach infestations. If not treated, a roach infestation can become the cause of many serious health problems, diseases, and hygiene issues. Whereas ignoring bed bugs infestation can cause serious allergies, secondary skin infections and can also affect […]

How Do Roaches Reproduce?

Reproduction is the centerpiece of the world we live in. Organisms mate with each other to breed the next line of their species to continue their existence. Many interesting things come out when the reproduction of different organisms is discussed. One of those organisms is cockroaches.

Cockroach Nests: What You Need to Know

Cockroach Nests Cockroaches are known for their resilience, speed, and ability to survive even the harshest of conditions. One of the most interesting aspects of cockroaches is their nesting behavior. In this guide, we’ll take a informative look at cockroach nests and what you need to know about them.     Let’s address the elephant […]

Where Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs?

Cockroaches are no doubt one of the most annoying pests to ever exist. They crawl everywhere and die only after you have tried a hundred things. Now that wouldn’t have been that big a problem if they didn’t reproduce at the rate they actually do. For example, a single German cockroach can infest your house […]