Best Roach Foggers 2018: Bug Bombs that Kill Cockroaches (Quickly)

There are a lot of ways in which cockroaches can find the entrance to the human surroundings, the trouble increases when they add on by laying eggs. The infestation caused due to roaches can be nocturnal, during the day, empty egg case droppings, and a strong oily odor.

There are a lot of approaches towards eliminating and treating the problems of a roach infestation. The most common among all the solutions is a roach bomb and a fogger.

The foggers and the roach bombs work when they are sprayed within the confined space of infestation. These usually fall on the ground and coat the surfaces which help inactive killing off the insects.

Do Roach Foggers Work?

do roach foggers work

The roach bombs definitely work. They kill the cockroaches that come in contact with them. The intensity of kill depends on the severity of the bombs according to their composition by brands. They are chosen as the most active forms of treating roaches and other insect infestation.

Several studies have been conducted that reveals that certain insects are immune to the ingredients of the bombs and foggers. This is mainly because the cockroaches are resistant to several pesticides and insecticides.

In certain instances, the bomb-setting can be harmful to humans and surrounding objects. More advanced control methods work as alternate options in these scenarios. The bombs are highly flammable and thus are connected with high risks at times.

Best Roach Bombs for House

best bug bomb for roaches

  1. Hot Shot Fogger

This is one of the most used and active brands of insect killer. This fogger is readily available in the market. The components of the fogger can reach deep inside cracks and holes where cockroaches generally hide.


  • This fogger has an odor neutralizer that can eliminate the smell of chemical that usually comes from a fogger.
  • The roaches die immediately when they come in contact with the fogger.
  • The poison in the fogger gets transferred to roaches very quickly and can impose mass kills.


  • More time needed to kill a cockroach.
  • Room or home needs to be kept vacant for some time.
  • Can be harmful to kids and pets if they eat it.
  1. Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

Many people consider this to be the best product that can kill roaches and other pests like ants, spider, etc. This is a good quality cockroach killer.


  • Can reach into crevices of the room and eliminate roaches directly from their breeding place.
  • The surface of the room does not get strained due to this fogger.
  • It comes with a guarantee of two months that roaches will not return.


  • Price often acts as a factor
  • Harmful to other animals and pets if they come in direct contact with the content.
  • Needs to be applied after every two months.
  1. Black Flag HG-11079 Indoor Fogger

The Black Flag’s HG-11079 indoor fogger comes in one box and costs nearly 8 Dollars in most places. The box contains six cans in total.


  • There is a 12 weeks guarantee that cockroaches would not reappear within this time period.
  • Cockroaches get killed as soon as they come in contact with this fogger.
  • Cost-effective ad pocket-friendly for the buyers.


  • Harmful to pets.
  • House needs to be vacated for hours after use.
  • Hassle of covering the appliances and pieces of furniture as residues can have prolonged effects and can be harmful if unnoticed.
  1. Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger

Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger has many similarities to Blag Flag fogger. This fogger also comes packed in one box with six containers inside.


  • Works perfectly in order to control a dense population of a cockroach at a time.
  • It does not have an irritating smell.
  • The product is safe for pets; however, massive quantity consumption can require medical attention.


  • The lights of the stove pilot must be switched off before using this fogger.
  • The fogger set is often not quite sufficient for large houses.
  • Buying extra for large space can be a hassle at times.
  1. Hot Shot No Mess Fogger

Hot Shot No Mess Fogger has the capacity of penetrating into cracks and killing the roaches present inside. The contents of this fogger do not cause any stain on the carpets, floors, linens, walls or furniture.


  • There is no residue left behind
  • Kills the roaches immediately once they come in contact with the fogger.
  • Free of irritating and uneasy odor.


  • Not safe for the pets.
  • Works slowly as it needs time to penetrate into the hiding place of roaches.

How to Use Roach Bombs in your House

Foggers for Roaches

  • One must not use a number of bombs and foggers in the house than what is necessary. There are reported accidents that have occurred when a user releases more than the prescribed amount of the foggers at a single go. These releases often lead to flammable vapor buildup at places. The size of the foggers varies according to the brands and usability. The users must always read the attached labels on the boxes that come along in order to clearly understand all norms associated with the usability for space.
  • Fogger must not be restricted for use in small spaces only that are enclosed in nature including cabinets, drawers, closets, counters, and tables. This can cause the foggers to explode and result in injuries. Often, the explosion can result in the killing of people and pet nearby or cause unwanted damage to the property at a major level.
  • The foggers must always be kept away from the sources of ignition. When a large quantity of the materials of foggers come in contact with flammable sources, accidents are likely to occur due to the explosion. This is the main reason why sources like a spark from appliances, pilot light, and flames must not within the reach of the foggers.
  • Foggers must be placed at least six feet away from the ignition d flammable sources. In case of any arising emergency, especially to extinguish the pilot lights, the local gas management, and utility centers must be contacted on an immediate basis.
  • All family members, friends, and relatives must be informed prior to the use of foggers who can unknowingly enter the premises where the foggers have been applied. The area must be sealed at the entrance by the use of appropriate tags places on the doors that warns against entering and denotes the product used.
  • Reducing the risk of visiting places that are under fogger treatment is related to lesser accidents through exposure to people who are unknown to the fact. This helps the people not to get exposed to the used pesticide and not to reach and come in contact with the harmful products that are released from the machines.
  • Vacating the house that is treated is the best option to be adopted by the dwellers. Breathing and inhaling the sprays can be associated with negativities due to its toxic and harmful nature. All people and pets must leave and vacate the place that is treated with foggers for their own safety and security.
  • The doors of the treated place along with the windows must be immediately closed once the foggers are sprayed and applied. The span of staying off the treated premises must usually last for a span of at least two to four hours depending on the severity and amount of application. Entering the premises before the timespan can cause health issues and illness.
  • The air that was trapped in the closed space must be immediately let out through proper ventilation after returning back to the place once the treatment is over. The opening of all the doors, windows, and any other related ventilation channels must be the primary step taken by the individuals even before they start inspecting about the killing of the insects. This ventilation appropriately lets the remaining fumes to ventilate and pass. The fans, windows, and the doors act as an active assistant to the remaining fumes to pass out easily.
  • The primary step that needs to be taken before the application is the removal of all food items that are nearby. The water sources and the leaky pipes must be appropriately addressed before the application of the bombs and foggers is implemented within a confined space.

Safety Precautions While Using Cockroach Foggers

Best Roach Bombs for House

  • An individual must use only a specific number of bug bombs as mentioned by the manufacturer.
  • One should remember to cover the toys of their children and food items before using this bug bomb.
  • Disclose your plan of using the bug bomb to your neighbors beforehand.
  • Any machine or object that is plugged in can spark while using a bug bomb. Thus they should be first unplugged.
  • The bug bomb has a label on it that indicates the time for which the area where it has been used needs to be left vacant. For that specific time, individuals should keep their children, pets as well as themselves away from the room or area.
  • These pesticides must be kept out of the reach of children and pets. The leftover product must be stored in a safe place.
  • The pesticide should under no condition enter the mouth of many people, children or pets.

Alternative of Cockroach Bombs

  • Glue boards are one of the best alternatives to bug bombs. An individual must purchase some of these boards and place them in all the nukes and corner of the house that are not much used. One best example of these out-of-the-way areas is beneath the sink cabinets.
  • At any moment when an individual faces any problem and decides to treat that for own self, he or she must at the very first place create a proper plan for the treat. There are different sprays manufactured by the companies that are sold over the counter. Several of these sprays are repellants. The work of a repellent is to keep the pests like cockroaches away from the space where it has been applied. It is advised not to use baits and repellant in the same area.
  • There can be situations where people find these over the counter pesticides to be of no use. The problem starts increasing and getting out of hands. In such a situation one should immediately ask for help rather than waiting any further. If the situation gets, the worse one might have to call for professional help. It’s better to skip using a bug bomb in extreme cases.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What are roach bombs & foggers?

Cockroach killing pesticide is a spray used to get rid of cockroaches by spraying them into the air inside a closed room or area. They are also known as the bug bomb, roach bomb, and foggers. The spray falls on the ground and kills the cockroaches and other pests by forming a coating on the surface.

  • How foggers work?

The foggers are given a specific design that enables them to be placed on a table or chair in the center of a closed room. The can of the fogger has a tab on its top which needs to be removed to get it activated. The content in the can gets released into the air completely following an upward movement.

The aerosol droplets initially stay suspended in the air for some specific period and later starts settling down on the ground of the room or other surfaces present in the room.

However, the fogger when released in this manner very little amount of the pesticide can penetrate inside and reach the nuke and corner, voids, cracks, and other hard to reach areas. These areas are the locations where a maximum number of cockroaches, silverfish, ants and other pests hide themselves the most and spend maximum time when alive.

  • Do bug bombs kill roaches?

Yes, roaches can be killed with the help of bug bombs. This pesticide product can be used at one go to kill roaches. The can of the product is designed in such a way that the content moves out in an upward direction after the valve is opened. The aerosol droplets fill in the air and later settle down on the ground surfaces and kill the roaches.

  • How long does it take to bomb a house?

There is no specific time stretch for a bug bomb to work. The fumigation time depends on factors like the type of temperature, infestation, dosage and it can take any amount of time between six hours to a week.

  • What is the best roach fogger on the market?

Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger is one of the best fogger available in the market.

  • Can I use fogger in one room and stay in the other room?

It is recommended not to stay in the house if fogger is used in one particular room. Even if it is not that strong, still it is better to avoid staying for at least 2 to 4 hours.

  • Do roach bombs kill other pests also?

The bug bombs contain aerosol droplets that fumigate an area thus they are capable of filling roaches as well as fleas and other pests. These are pesticide products.

  • Does bombing a house affect health?

The bug bombs can affect the respiratory system of any person. Nausea, leg cramps, shortness in breath, burning eyes, irritation in the airway, coughing, dizziness, and headache are some of the most reported symptoms that occur due to bug bomb or fogger.

  • What are the safety precautions we should use while using roach foggers?

  1. An individual should use only one fogger in one room at a time.6 oz. the quantity of the bug bomb or fogger is enough to affect an area of approximately 25 by 25 feet without any obstruction, which is quite a large area.
  2. It is important to remove all toys, food, and pets from the area before applying. Children should also be kept away from the area that is being treated.
  3. One should carefully go through the instructions mentioned on the label by the manufacturer and follow them thoroughly.
  4. The products must be kept in a safe place like a cabinet and also must be locked up so that children are not able to reach them.
  5. Children must be taught to stay away from the bug bomb, fogger, and other pesticides or chemicals.
  6. One should save the phone number of any poison control center located in a nearby location.
  • How long do you have to be out of your house when using a bomb?

Most of the bug bomb advises people to stay out of the room for approximately 2 to 4 hours. After this, the room must be left for nearly half an hour of venting by keeping the windows open.

  • Can we eliminate roach infestation with bug bombs?

The bug bombs have the capacity of killing cockroaches present in the open area of the room; however, the pesticide cannot reach the hidden places like cracks, holes, voids and other dark spaces. These crevices and spots are the main nests of roaches, and the bug bombs are not able to reach these places. Thus these bug bombs and foggers are not able to eliminate roaches effectively and completely.

Final Words

Cockroaches tend to multiply in number the most as compared to many other pests. The roaches are believed to have existed since the dawn of the human race. It is quite tough to get rid of cockroaches entirely.

Even after the Holocaust, they will remain as mentioned by scientists. However, it is not impossible to kill them or get rid of them. There are different ways of getting rid of them or at least controlling them and all the processes are pretty simple.

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Dinesh has a few years of experience in Pest control. Apart from his interest in sports, he has helped many people to get rid of cockroaches and other pests.

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