How Do Cockroaches Mate? || How Do Roaches Reproduce?

With roaches around everyone’s home, a lot of people are now curious about several things about cockroaches like do roaches mate? And if yes, how do they mate?

Do they mate to reproduce? Note, roaches are sexual organisms, they exist in pairs like us – male and female – and need a male to reproduce. Here is another remarkable fact – female Amercian specie is capable of producing a capsule weekly after it mates.Continue reading →

Do Cockroaches Make Noise?

Noise is one of the many signs that tell that your home has been invaded by roaches. The sound made by cockroaches can be annoying and disturbing especially if it a massive infestation.

Here is the good news; you do not have to endure the noisy roaches anymore. In this article, we will provide you with answers to the fundamental questions and solution to the annoying roach noise.Continue reading →

Do Roaches Jump like Crickets? || Everything about Jumping Cockroach

Cockroaches are almost everywhere, millions of homes infested with it. With these frightening creeping insects everywhere we want to know more about what inhabits our homes. Several questions are usually asked how to kill roaches?

Do Roaches Jump or Fly? What do they eat? Why are they in my home? Why cockroaches jump towards me? And lots more.Continue reading →

Do Roaches Sleep? || How & When Do Cockroaches Sleep?

When roaches invade your home, you might feel like you and the creeping insects are stuck forever. Bugs are crawling insects you mostly find wandering about on the wall of the house.

They are usually caught after a late night out, or you are trying to get a snack from your kitchen in the middle of the night. You get to wonder if roaches do sleep at all or do they spend their entire lives creeping around your home when you are not present to watch them? Continue reading →