Roaches in Microwave: Getting Rid of Cockroaches from Microwave

Cockroaches have become the issue of disturbance in every household nowadays. You can find these little creatures in the environment making you feel bad.

Proper care should be taken while cleaning all the objects in your home.

Have you ever found roaches in the microwave and wondered why it didn’t die of the heat inside and without ample amount of food.Continue reading →

Bay Leaves for Roaches: Do Bay Leaves Keep Roaches Away?

Roaches are a headache from the ancient times. They infect the food and leave bacteria in order causing various infections.

There can be various ways in which a roach can be kept away from our surroundings. Bay leaves are one of the solutions to keep the roaches away. In layman language, Bay leaves can also be referred as “Tej Pata”. It also is used in cooking because of their aroma.Continue reading →