Mothballs for Roaches: Does Moth Balls Repel Roaches?

Mothballs are small balls of chemical pesticides along with deodorant fragrance. It is used when storing clothes and other articles which are suspected to be damaged by the moth.

Now, let’s discuss whether mothballs for roaches are helpful in controlling the infestation at your home.

If not, what can be the other ways in order to get rid of the infestation?

Let’s discuss whether mothballs will be effective in order to get rid of the roaches present at your home.

Mothballs for roaches

Does Mothball Repel Cockroaches?

Yes, Mothball repels cockroaches. Its smell is the main criteria which help in repelling the roaches.

But, it should be used carefully in order to get the best results.

As mothball is a chemical pesticide, it should be kept away from the children and pets present at home.

How to use Mothball?

Mothballs should be used very carefully in order to avoid poison.

As mothball can is a chemical pesticide, you need to use it carefully.

You can strategically place the mothball underneath the stove, in the cabinet under the sink and around your furniture cushions.

All you need is to keep the mothball at the spotted areas.

Keep on replacing the balls as they evaporate with time.

Regular usage of mothballs will eventually help in getting rid of the roaches.

Mothballs are poisonous. So, avoid keeping at the places where your food can be stored and is prepared.

Can I Get Rid of Roaches with Mothballs alone?

You can probably get rid of the mothballs alone. But, it’s suggested to be used with other methods along.

Though, Mothballs are an excellent remedy to vanish the roaches easily. This is because of the smell which will repel roaches and help to get rid of roaches permanently.

Other methods to use along with mothballs

If you aren’t able to repel the roaches alone with mothballs, there can be various other methods which can be used such as:

These are the various methods which can be used in order to repel the roaches at your home.

Final words

In the end, it can be said that moth balls can be a great repellent for roaches. But, it is suggested to not to be kept along the food preparation area and out of the reach of the children and the pets present at home. As it is dangerous for a human, several precautions should be taken while using.

Several other methods which can be used alone or along with mothballs are also mentioned.

So, it can be said that mothball will be a great repellent. But, you should use it carefully.

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