How Do Cockroaches Mate? || How Do Roaches Reproduce?

With roaches around everyone’s home, a lot of people are now curious about several things about cockroaches like do roaches mate? And if yes, how do they mate?

Do they mate to reproduce? Note, roaches are sexual organisms, they exist in pairs like us – male and female – and need a male to reproduce. Here is another remarkable fact – female Amercian specie is capable of producing a capsule weekly after it mates.

However, recent studies have shown that the need for a male in the reproducing process is not as significant as we thought. Several females can reproduce with youngers one without mating with a single male for generations. Usually, it is always so exciting to talk about roaches mating.

How do roaches mate

They engaged in an Interesting courtship ritual, which set the mating process in place. After the rituals, the female secretes a substance called pheromones that males find attractive and sexual even from a long distance and that exactly brings the male and the female to mate.

Once the mating is over, the female roach put her eggs in a capsule – ootheca. The eggs remain in the capsule until they are ready to hatch. The mother knows this hatching time; so, she places the capsules close to a source of food and water.

Cockroach mating season

If you ever wonder how roaches mate, then you would have thought about when exactly roaches decide to mate. To provide you with a simple and straightforward answer to the mating season – the answer is no. They do not have a particular season for mating. Because they are active at night and inactive in the day, which makes their mating time at night.

A lot of research shows that they only mate once in a day. It is fun to hear more about cockroach mating. They are like humans; they also perform romantic gestures to get to mate. The essential romantic gesture is the female and starts with the secretion of chemical signal.

Understanding How Cockroaches Get Pregnant and Reproduce

Similar to most mammals, roaches get pregnant after mating. It takes the female about two days for fertilization to take place and get pregnant. During the mating process, two chemical substances are secreted – sex pheromone and aphrodisiac.

The sex pheromone is a volatile hormone, which is secreted by the female to attract roaches far and near. While the male tergal glands produce the aphrodisiac hormone. Its sole purpose is drawing out the females for mounting.

Immediately the mating process is a success; the female produces egg case very similar to a capsule called oothecae. The female produces about 9-10 of these capsule-like cases, and each capsule-like case contains about 16 eggs. The eggs are usually dark brown, symmetrical in shape and about 5/16 inch in length.

These eggs are mostly laid within 24 hours after it has fully formed and finds a good source of food and water. It might take the laid eggs about 29 – 58 days depending on a lot of factors to become a nymph. And in about 10-12 months they can fully become an adult roach.

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