Can Roaches Kill You? | List of Diseases Cockroaches Can Spread

Cockroaches are truly disgusting and filthy creatures.

For many homeowners, seeing a cockroach scuttle by creates a sense of panic.

This is because cockroaches have a reputation for being dangerous, destructive, and hard to kill; these are those adamant pests that, once they are inside your house, don’t leave easily and without creating havoc.

can roaches kill you

But how dangerous are they? And what diseases can they spread?

More importantly, can roaches kill you?

All of these questions will be answered today in this article, so keep reading to know more.

Can Roaches Kill You?

In rare cases, they bite human beings, but can roaches kill you? The answer is ‘No‘; however, they can be dangerous due to the various diseases they can spread.

A study from the University of Cambridge concluded that there were 30 different types of bacteria in areas with humans and cockroaches living together; upon dissection of a cockroach, it was found that bacteria lived in the cockroach’s gut.

Cockroaches are known to be unsanitary due to what they eat, where they live, and their general everyday habits; they live on a diet of garbage, breed in sewage-rich places, and leave droppings all over your home, so it’s no wonder that they carry around diseases.

Diseases can also be spread through cockroach poop; so, make sure, when you see any roach poo, you clean it using a proper method.

What Diseases do they Spread?

Cockroaches have the potential to spread the following diseases.

  • Dysentery an infection within the intestines that can result in diarrhea with blood and mucus in it.
  • Cholera an infection of the small intestine with no symptoms to severe symptoms, including diarrhea, vomiting, and muscle cramps.
  • Typhoid (Typhoid Fever) is a bacterial infection that comes with high fever, abdominal pain, muscle weakness, headache, constipation, and rashes.
  • Leprosy an infection that can lay dormant for years and often comes with the loss of the ability to feel pain and poor eyesight.
  • Pneumonia a lung infection that causes the air sacs in the lungs to fill with pus. Symptoms include trouble breathing, coughing, and wheezing.
  • Polio an infectious disease that causes muscle weakness, primarily targeting the legs but can affect the head, neck, and diaphragm. May include fever, a sore throat, headaches, and neck stiffness.
  • Septicemia an infection of the bloodstream that can be fatal when left untreated.

Has Anyone Died from an Infection Spread by Cockroaches?

In today’s day and age, dying from an infection brought on by a cockroach is highly unlikely if you live in a first world country.

Those who live in third-world countries and lack proper medical care, dying from the infections that cockroaches can spread, are a possibility.

In 2012, however, a man in Florida died after participating in a cockroach eating competition.

How can I Prevent these Disease from Cockroaches?

The easiest way to prevent getting sick from cockroaches is to avoid cockroaches altogether; if you see one inside your home, try to figure out where the cockroach is hiding- the chances are that there will be more in that area.

Get a DIY cockroach fumigation kit or call a professional to fumigate your home; if the infestation is large, calling a professional to do the job is usually the best option.

can cockroaches kill you

Exterminate Cockroaches with Professional Pest Control

Now that we know that roaches can cause various diseases and infections, it is all the more important to ensure that these filthy pests do not make their way inside your home and cause a serious infestation.

However, if this happens, it is recommended to hire a licensed exterminator to eliminate these buggers more permanently and effectively without any hassle.

To know more about this, fill the below-mentioned form to get free multiple quotes from the professional Pest Control Companies in your vicinity so that you can decide which one to hire for your infestation problem.

Don’t worry; all your personal details are completely safe here! And by filling the form, at least, you’ll know how much you will have to pay if you take the help of your local exterminators.

Final Words

Even though roaches can’t kill you; they are highly unsanitary and can spread various diseases and infections among people.

This is why it’s so important to ensure that these buggers do not make their way inside your home; because once inside, they can create quite a menace and can be difficult to eliminate.

While there are various home remedies and DIY methods to eliminate them, many people choose to use chemicals like roach killers and foggers to eradicate them completely.

However, if nothing else works, hiring a professional exterminator (as discussed above) is the best way to ensure that these pesky pests are gone permanently and for good.

We hope you have a healthy, happy and a roach-free life ahead!

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