How to Get Rid of Black Roaches Successfully

Roaches are a big menace everywhere, irrespective of whether you live in Hawaii, Texas, or any other part of the country.

This particular species can be dangerous as they carry various viruses and bacteria, causing many diseases and infections.

But we all know these facts about them.

Therefore, today we are going to focus on some unusual but commonly-asked questions about these pesky bugs like:

Can roaches be black in color? If yes, what to do if you spot them in your house?

So let’s discuss further and look at whether black roaches exist and, if they do, what preventive measures can be taken to get rid of these cockroaches.

What Is A Black Cockroach?

Big Black Roaches

The black roach is known as an Oriental cockroach or Blatta oriental, a water bug or black beetle. It is considered a large species of roach.

It is dark brown or black in color and has a glossy body. They also have wings but cannot fly.

They crawl around bathtubs, sinks, pipes, and many other dark and damp areas.

Black roaches usually have different body shapes and can be as long as 1.25mm.

The adults of oriental roaches can be of different appearance; the adult males can be as long as 18-29mm, and adult females are 20-27 mm.

They often travel through sewers and pipes to climb the areas of your house.

It has a musty odor that can be detected due to the chemical secreted by the roaches.

They usually prefer to live outside but will settle down indoors if they have ample food to settle down.

Do Black Roaches Exist?

Yes, black roaches (Oriental cockroaches or Blatta Orientalis), also known as ‘water bugs‘ or ‘black beetle,’ can be of black and brown color.

So, it can be said that a roach can be black in color; it does exist and has a glossy body.

These roaches have wings. But it can’t fly.

They are usually found in dark and damp areas so they can be found in the basement and cellars.

What To Do If You Have Black Roaches In Your House?

Without taking any preventive measures, the population of roaches will increase.

Cleanliness is the primary source that will help to prevent these roaches from entering and breeding in your house.

Some of the measures which can be taken to prevent black roaches in your home are:

  • It will be beneficial if the dampness is reduced. This will help avoid the increasing infestation of the roach.
  • Fix leaks, have proper ventilating areas, and locate other issues with moisture trapped inside them.
  • It would help if you eliminated potential harbourages outside of your home.
  • Seal all the cracks and crevices in the outer walls.
  • Install proper screens on vents that lead them indoors.

All these methods can be used as a preventative measure to avoid roaches.

How To Get Rid Of Black Roaches

Eliminating oriental roaches requires persistence, patience, and a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods.

eliminate black cockroach

Some of the chemical-based methods which can be used to get rid of the black roaches are:

  • Insecticide Dust: You can dust these chemicals, specially engineered for these buggers, in the cracks and crevices to eliminate them.
  • Baits & Granules: Roach baits can also help remove these bugs; they can be applied in attics, crawl spaces, and basements.
  • Kill them on Contact: Various roach foggers and sprays are now available that kill these roaches immediately when they come in contact with them.
  • Don’t Skip the IGR! It is a type of birth control for roaches and controlling the population.
  • And lastly, if nothing else works- roach extermination and fumigation. They are 100% effective in getting rid of roaches in your house for an extended duration.

Now, let’s discuss the non-chemical methods to get rid of the roaches

One of the most effective methods is:

Exterminate Black Cockroaches with Pest Control

Now that we know black roaches exist, it’s time we discuss what to do next if they happen to infest your house in large numbers.

While the above-mentioned alternatives can keep these roaches away for some time, it is always recommended to hire a licensed exterminator in the case of a serious roach infestation!

Final words

In the end, it can be concluded that black roaches exist, and they can create havoc in your house if not eliminated immediately.

Even if you spot one cockroach or, worse, a baby cockroach scurrying away, it could be a sign of a lingering roach problem or a growing infestation.

It’s no secret that roaches reproduce quickly, so if this problem isn’t addressed immediately, your house could be filled with them within weeks.

But as mentioned above, there are many solutions you can now adopt (chemical-based or home remedies) to kill and repel these black roaches from your property.

Have you ever spotted black roaches in your house? How did you eliminate them? Let us know below.

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