Texas Cockroaches | Different Type of Roaches in Texas

Nobody likes roaches in their house- irrespective of whether you are in Dallas, Florida, or Hawaii!

But these pesky hell raisers can make their way into any home anywhere without invitation.

Cockroaches are one of the oldest, filthiest, and dangerous pests that carry several diseases with them.

And with more than 4500 species of them, it’s difficult to keep a track of the varied types and kinds of roaches everywhere.

Roaches in Texas specifically have different characteristics than the ones all over the world.

roaches in texas

Cockroaches are common in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and other cities of Texas; hence for the health and safety of you and your family, you must be familiar with their types.

Are Cockroaches Common in Texas?

As mentioned on World’s Most Despicable Bug, cockroaches are extremely common in Texas.

They are usually found in kitchen, behind the refrigerator, sink etc.

Scientists say that Texas has the most roaches as compared to the other states, but they are not sure of the exact numbers.

Hardly anyone would like to get close or know more about these critters but it is imperative to know about them since Texas alone has more than thirty species of roaches.

In fact, according to the latest findings on the website pest.org, Dallas in Texas is one of the worst roach-infested cities in America, especially during warm and humid climatic conditions.

Different Types of Roaches in Texas

There are 5 major species of roaches found here in Texas, namely:

American Cockroaches

Most commonly and incorrectly called “water bugs” or “palmetto bugs,” they are known as the American Cockroaches

This roach has the longest lifespan as compared to the other roaches.

The adult American cockroach can live up to 2 years and measures in the range of one to three inches. It appears as dark-red or brown with light yellow edges on its exoskeleton.

These roaches have wings; the wings of male roaches are typically longer than the body.

The wings of female cockroaches just overlap the abdomen; the American adult cockroaches can fly.

American roach in texas

In Texas, these roaches are extremely popular and are most usually found on trees; once inside, they prefer darkness and warmth with low disturbance levels.

Places like basements, kitchens, roofs, laundry rooms are ideal locations where these roaches can be found. 

They are also found in outdoor areas, especially around garbage cans or dumpsters during warm weather.

Texas Tree Cockroaches

As suggested by their name, these roaches play an important role in the environment.

The average size of these Texas Tree Roaches is about 2 to 3 inches.

They are present in mulch, flower beds, woodpiles, decaying logs, or other moist, outdoor environments.

They also prefer to stay around sewers, dumpsters and often look for environments having necessities like food, water, and shelter.

As plumbing access may offer convenient entry points, these roaches can be found in laundry rooms, kitchen sinks, and bathrooms.

These roaches have wings and can fly; they have a reddish-brown carapace body and are extremely scary to encounter.

German Cockroaches

These roaches are known to be all around the world.

They are light brown, and they have two dark stripes running longitudinally on their pronotum, which is the top section of the back.

These roaches have the quickest rate of reproduction– the female lays up 35 to 40 eggs in one time which takes about a month to hatch.

Once the nymphs (baby cockroaches) are hatched, they take from 6 weeks to 6 months to fully mature into German Cockroaches.

In Texas, these roaches are found indoors, and they prefer wet and humid conditions.

Hence, they are present near plumbing areas like toilets, kitchen sinks, laundry rooms, etc.

 Brown-Banded Cockroaches

This roach is extremely easy to identify as it has yellow-brown stripes that run across its abdomen and wings.

The male brown-banded roach species have a dark-brown base and are golden-tanned toward their wings’ tips, while the female brown-banded species have dark-brown bodies and reddish-brown wings.

The female lays about 18 to 20 eggs in her ootheca which keeps the eggs protected.

Further, she carries the ootheca around for nearly about two days; nymphs hatch out after one to three months.

To fully mature into Brown Banded Cockroaches, these critters take about 13 to 45 weeks.

These roaches, in Texas, uniquely tend to avoid damp and moist places and love warm environments.

They are found in buildings, motor appliances, near electric heaters, and more such places.

Favoring warmer conditions, they prefer the night time and move by crawling.

Most of the males tend to fly but only in warm climates.

Oriental Cockroaches

These roaches in Texas are known for giving out a distinctive foul and musty odor.

They are often referred to as the “water roaches” or “black beetles,” as they are either dark brown or black and glossy.

Oriental cockroaches have wings but they prefer to run rather than fly.

The wings of a male are shorter than their body, while those of the female cockroach is underdeveloped.

The female roaches lay about 16 eggs in the ootheca, which take about 2 months to hatch into nymphs.

They prefer to stay out of sight of humans and hence love the outdoor environment.

They like to feed on decayed organic matter and garbage and hence are found in areas like heaps, dumpsters, and leaf litters.

When in Texas, they are usually found in dark and damp places like sinks, drains, and basements.

Are There Flying Cockroaches in Texas?

There are flying roaches present in Texas, which is why most people are terrified of these pests, as unless you smash these roaches while they are on the ground, they attack you.

The wings of the American male roaches are typically longer than the body.

The wings of the American female cockroaches just overlap the abdomen.

american roach in texas

The American adult cockroaches can fly, but mostly they use their wings to glide.

Texas Tree roaches, Asian roaches, Smoky Brown roaches, and Wood roaches are also known and capable of flying.

The German cockroaches can fly as well but for very short distances.

Exterminate Texas Roaches with Professional Pest Control Services

Now that we’ve discussed the various Texas cockroaches let’s further talk about what you should do if you ever face a serious roach infestation.

Well, this is where a licensed exterminator comes into the picture! He will not only eliminate these buggers effectively and permanently for you but will also ensure that they do not make their way back inside your home.

To know more about them, fill the below-mentioned form to get free multiple quotes from the professional Pest Control Companies in your vicinity so that you can choose the most economical and effective exterminator service for your infestation.

And don’t worry, all the information that you mention is 100% safe here! Also, by filling the form, at least you’ll know how much you will have to pay if you take the help of your local exterminators.

Final Words

In Texas, cockroaches are a very real and an extreme problem.

And since Texas is a populous hub for this variety of critters, you must take measures to eliminate them.

It would be best to keep your surroundings clean and even equip yourself with different remedies because you’ll need to act quickly if you see even one of them scurrying away in your home.

And in case of heavy infestation, it’s imperative to take the help of a professional exterminator and nip this problem in the bud.

You can’t hide from these trouble makers, all you can do is take good preventive measures and ensure your house is as unwelcoming for them as possible.

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