Giant Flying Roaches | Do Cockroaches Fly? Find Out Here

Roaches are peaky creatures usually characterized by dirt, filth, and its ability to spread certain diseases such as salmonella, which is known to triggers asthma.

Do you know that not all roaches are pests? About 4000 species of roaches exist today, and only 1% (30) of the species are considered pests.

Now, out of these 4000 species of roaches, close to 3500 of them have wings!

do giant roaches fly

But, does that mean that all these roaches with wings can fly? This very thought might send chills down your spine, right?

Don’t worry, the answer isn’t as scary as you think!

Keep reading to find out more about giant roaches and whether these roaches can fly!

Do All Roaches Fly?

You probably haven’t given it a thought or perhaps wasn’t certain if these crawling roaches do fly.

It might seem a little awkward to know that the answer to your question – do cockroaches fly? – is Yes!

However, only a few species of roaches actually have wings.

Roaches that fly

Some roaches have the ability to glide from one location to the other; they glide only for a concise duration; they appear to be bad fliers.

On the other hand, a majority of the known species of cockroaches actually crawl.

Species of Flying Cockroaches

American Cockroaches

These species of roaches are the most common species, and they are peridomestic; they are shiny and reddish-brown in color.

Basically, American roaches live and feed outdoors; however, when outdoor’s conditions become severe, they are forced to move indoors.

And when it comes to a more specific question, can American cockroaches fly? The answer is, yes, they do.

Oriental Cockroaches

People also call Oriental roaches as the ‘waterbug‘ which is another larger species of roaches.

They are either dark brown or black in color; both the male and female have a slight difference; the females appear as though they have no wings

Australian Cockroaches

The species of roaches are easily mistaken for American roaches; however, Australian cockroaches are quite smaller compared to American roaches.

It’s black with yellow stripes close to its wings.

Smoky Brown Cockroaches

This is another large species similar to American roaches but easily differentiate by its evenly dark brown–mahogany coloration.

Smoky brown roaches are found indoors only when there is a need for food, heat, and a chance to survive; however, you mainly get to see them outdoors only in warm weather.

Can Baby Cockroaches Fly?

No, baby roaches don’t fly; nymphs are like baby roaches, although they have the same physical appearance but differ in their size.

Nymphs during this stage have not grown or have their wing fully grown to provide them with flight.

How Do Roaches Fly?

Now, here is the point you wonder how come these annoying crawling insects fly?

Roaches are designed with two wings, a thick and a thin wing, although only one of these wings is used to achieve flight.

The thick wings are located in the front, serving as a shield or a protective casting; it’s not easily visible because it has the same color as the body, and it always rests on its back when not in use.

The thin, clear, membranous wing lies underneath the think wings; these wings actually give cockroaches flights.

For a roach to achieve flight, the thick wings must be lifted by the flying cockroach, which leaves the thin wings uncovered and exposed; the thick wings remain lifted while the thin wings are used to make locomotion via air.

Why Some Cockroaches Never Fly?

After reading how roaches fly, this leaves you with the thought why do other roaches not fly likewise.

Explicitly, most cockroaches that fly do so by their ability to glide from a point to another; although, it occurs shortly unlike birds or other flying insects.

Flying cockroaches do so because they find gliding more efficient and time-saving when compared with crawling.

There is where their difficulty lies when flying; cockroaches can only make use of a set of wings to move through the air.

Now, imagine a big cockroach trying to fly with a thin, membranous set wing; you can see it’s going to be difficult.

Cockroaches have 6 strong legs, instead of being faced with the difficulty of traveling with a set of thin wings, they crawl.

Their legs are strong and carry them as far as 50 body length in a second.

can giant roaches fly

Exterminate Giant Flying Roaches with Licensed Pest Control

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Final Words

In essence, yes, many roaches have wings, and quite a few of them fly as well; however, roaches aren’t excellent fliers, so there isn’t anything you need to worry about!

That being said, a ‘flying roach’ doesn’t necessarily sound very welcoming; therefore, you need to ensure your house is clean and well-maintained to avoid these buggers altogether.

There are various home remedies that you can also use to repel roaches and keep them away, like- catnip for roaches, peppermint oil for cockroaches, etc.

Apart from this, you can also adopt other methods to eliminate roaches instantly; and if nothing else works, you can always hire an exterminator to handle the problem for you efficiently.

We hope you have a roach-free year ahead!

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