Can Cockroaches Swim Up the Toilet?

Cockroaches are still among the most stubborn pests to infiltrate our households.

That they can live even if they get decapitated pretty much confirms that.

can roaches survive in water

Since cockroaches are such a common menace, many questions are often asked about them like- Do cockroaches sleep? Or do they feel pain?

Today, we will solve another one of these mysteries and answer a question frequently asked on various forums: Can Cockroaches Swim?

So keep reading to find out.

Can Roaches Swim?

Cockroaches are not technically swimmers but can survive underwater and move through it.

Cockroaches have light bodies. Instead of swimming, they float on water.

Cockroaches can close their respiratory organs when in water so they can travel through water without any problem.

Can Cockroaches Come Up Through Toilet?

Cockroaches can’t breathe underwater but can hold their breath underwater for a long duration.

It is easy for them to travel through water.

Toilets and drains are no obstacles for them either.

Roaches can easily make their way through drains, pipes, or faucets and make a surprise appearance in your toilet.

You can totally expect roaches to come out of your toilet.

It also means that even flushing them away is no solution.

can cockroaches swim

How Long Can Cockroaches Live Underwater?

Cockroaches can close off their respiratory organs called spiracles whenever they want, which helps them breathe underwater.

Most cockroaches can hold their breath for forty minutes to one hour.

However, cockroaches become vulnerable under hot water and can not survive it.

How Do Roaches Breathe?

Roaches breathe through a system of tubes called the trachea.

These tubes are connected to their spiracles.

Spiracles are valves, just like gills on fish. They suck in the air and push it into the trachea.

Roaches do not have any windpipes and do not need their mouth to breathe.

How to Keep Roaches from Coming Up the Drain?

Roaches can easily move through drains and carry diseases and viruses with them.

Drains often get overlooked and can become an easy passage for roaches.

You must enforce your drains against cockroaches if you don’t want them found in your toilet.

Seal Your Drain Pipes

Sealing your drain pipes is arguably the best thing you can do against stealthy cockroaches.

It is necessary to ensure your drain pipes have no space that might allow the roaches to crawl through.

Cover The Drains

Keeping the drains covered can be helpful against cockroaches.

cover drains to avoid roaches

There are lots of metal and rubber drain covers that you can buy to keep roaches from entering through your drain pipes.

Fix Leaky Faucets

Faucets are not hard for roaches to infiltrate.

They can easily crawl through any faucet. It gets worse if the faucet is leaking water.

Roaches get attracted to water, and a leaky faucet would be a perfect fit for them.

Clean The Pipes Regularly

Garbage attracts cockroaches. Unsurprisingly, it is necessary to keep drain pipes clean to prevent roaches from infesting them.

clean pipes to avoid roaches

How to Get Rid of Roaches in Toilet

If you have found a cockroach in your toilet, you must take measures against it as soon as possible.

Roaches multiply rapidly, and more roaches will likely be found in your bathroom if required steps are not taken.

There is a bunch of things you can do to keep roaches out of your toilet.

get rid of cockroaches from toilet

Check Seals Regularly

Roaches can enter your toilet through even minor spaces.

It is necessary to keep all the seals in your bathroom on a regular check.

Fix Water Leakage

Leaking water is a perfect attraction for roaches.

cockroaches in toilet

Keeping pipes, faucets, taps, and walls leakage-free can reduce the chances of a cockroach infestation in your toilet.

Seal Windows

Pipes and drains are not the only gateways for a cockroach to enter your toilet.

They can also find a straight way inside, like the windows.

roaches enter through windows

Roaches can crawl up your wall from outside and enter inside if the windows are left open or have some space even when closed.

It is necessary to keep your bathroom and toilet windows sealed safely.

Fix Cracks In The Walls and Floor

Cockroaches can find a way through any space.

They can crawl onto your surface from the underground through any cracks in your walls or floors.

Thus, fixing any cracks in your toilet walls or floor is necessary.

Clean Up Regularly

Cockroaches love dirt and hate cleanliness.

A dirty toilet would be a perfect stay for homesick cockroaches.

cockroaches in toilet

A clean toilet would be an inhospitable place for them.

Other than aesthetic purposes, this is another reason you should keep your surroundings clean.

Pest Control

When nothing works, pest control is the perfect solution for your cockroach problems.

You can hire many different pest companies for extermination to eliminate cockroaches in your household permanently.

Exterminate Roaches by Pest Control

As mentioned above, if none of the solutions works and the roach infestation seems to grow, the only alternative is to hire a licensed exterminator to deal with this problem more efficiently and for an extended period.

To know more about this, fill out the form below to get free multiple quotes from your local Pest Control Companies so that you can hire an exterminator who meets your budget and other requirements and gives you the desired results.

Final Words

Cockroaches are easily one of the worst insects ever to grace the earth. Nothing personal, but they are gross, stubborn, and unhealthy.

They can jump. They can swim. They can fly.

You don’t want cockroaches in your toilet bowl, your sink, your kitchen, or anywhere in your entire household.

It is important to stay well-informed about them to protect yourself from the harm they pose.

Have you ever dealt with cockroaches in your toilet? How did you get rid of them? Let us know in the comment below.

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