20 Mule Team Borax for Roaches | Kill Cockroaches Quickly

20 mule team borax roaches

How many different methods have you tried to get rid of the roaches that have infested your home and are stubborn enough not to leave? We know it can be quite annoying to come home and look at these filthy creatures crawling around and infecting everything that comes in contact. Borax for killing cockroaches has […]

How to Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches | Tried & Tested Solutions

Nobody likes cockroaches in their house, and the fact that there are more than a thousand different types doesn’t make it any easier. Of course, we can’t cover all the species of roaches, but here is a start. In today’s article, we will be discussing how to get rid of Oriental cockroaches, one of the […]

Does Catnip Repel or Kill Roaches? | Catnip for Roaches

We all know that roaches are disgusting little pests that infest our homes and spreads all kinds of diseases and allergies. If the infestations are not treated, these roaches can multiply at an alarming rate. Therefore, it is essential to detect and eliminate roaches soon as possible. Now, there are plenty of ways to expel […]

Roaches in Refrigerator | How to Remove Cockroaches in Fridge

A refrigerator infested with cockroaches is one of the worst things that could happen to you. A place that is supposed to store your food is instead crawling with these disease-carrying pests; it sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this nightmare has come true for many people all across the world. And if you […]

Michigan Cockroaches | Different Types of Roaches in Michigan

The world is inhabited by more than 45000 different species of cockroaches that vary in size and color and other characteristics from ancient times. They can survive even the deadliest nuclear radiation and can sustain for a month without food or water. However, it is impossible to find all the different species in one place […]

Mothballs for Roaches | Can Mothballs Eliminate Roaches?

Have you ever had a cockroach infestation in your house? If yes, then you know how fast they grow and how disgusting they could be. You would also know that it is almost impossible to get rid of roaches.  Cockroaches are resilient creatures and carriers of many diseases; therefore, it is extremely important to exterminate […]