Baking Soda for Roaches

We’ve all dealt with cockroaches in our homes at some point in our lives. And even though various remedies are available to get rid of them, these pesky little buggers do not leave that quickly. Now, the usual choice of many homeowners is the various pesticides and insecticides primarily made to kill them; however, many […]

Do Spiders Eat Cockroaches?

Spiders and Cockroaches Discover the surprising benefits of having a spider in your home and learn about the different types of spiders that commonly eat cockroaches. We’ll take a closer look at how a spider catches and consume these pests, as well as the natural defenses that cockroaches use against spiders. Additionally, we will examine […]

How to Kill Cockroaches with Diatomaceous Earth

Millions of years ago, tiny-single celled plants called diatoms settled on the beds of oceans and lakes after dying. Over the years, the organisms formed layers and became fossils. Fast forward to now, we mine these diatoms and grind them into a soft powder that has a plethora of uses. One of these uses is […]

Peppermint Oil for Roaches

Making a Peppermint Oil Spray for Cockroaches

A 2001 study conducted by Auburn University  tested the effects of mint oil on two of the most common species of cockroaches, the American and German roaches. The result? Roaches absolutely hate mint. And so, do cockroaches hate peppermint oil too? In this article, you will find the answer as to why peppermint oil repels roaches […]

Best Roach Foggers in 2023

We all have dealt with a pest infestation in our houses and used various products to eliminate them. However, nowadays, bug foggers, aka bug bombs, have gained a lot of momentum to deal with these infestations.

Best Cockroach Traps in 2023 | Tried & Tested Roach Traps

Roaches are nothing but annoying pests that steal our food and affect our hygiene. They are scavengers that can survive anywhere if sufficient food and water are available. Therefore, you must stop them from infesting your house. Now there are plenty of ways to get rid of roaches, depending on the situation.