I Found One Cockroach in House: Does that mean Roach Infestation?

In the middle of the night, you started noticing a daunting craving for a sandwich. Then you need to get to the kitchen if you have to satisfy that craving, but unexpectedly a big, giant roach scurries past you. It came out of nowhere and out of shock, your only response what to remove your slippers and squish it as hard as you can.
So what does it mean, if you found one roach inside your kitchen scurrying around? Does it mean you should expect or have an infestation?  Or maybe your home isn’t tidy enough?


Cockroach Queen and Other Interesting Facts about Roaches

It’s obvious that cockroaches are unwanted guests in the home. Most of us know that they can spread illness so sensibly, we don’t want them around. But what else do we know about them? As it turns out we know more than think, as there are dozens of cockroach facts that have been proven as true and dozens more as false.

Here are some things we know about cockroaches and their lifestyle. (more…)