Can Cockroaches Swim Up the Toilets {Must-Read}

Although few among the over 4000 species that exist today are actually harmful, the fear of the diseases they spread and trigger, lead to many questions, “can cockroaches breathe underwater?”, “ can cockroaches swim up toilets?”, “can cockroach swim up drains?”, “can they live in water?” and much more.

Cockroaches are almost everywhere, either at home or in your office, virtually everywhere! Due to this, many house owners are forced to be concerned about their health and safety risks in relation to a cockroach infestation.

We need to be concerned about the havoc they can do. They are known to trigger allergies, asthma and spread germs and bacteria. Roaches can also bite, it’s very rare, but it’s possible. 

Cockroaches are stubborn insects, they have survived 3 mass extinctions and have been around before mankind extinctions – 300 million years.

Can Cockroaches Survive in Water?

Can roaches survive in water?

You probably tried or thought about getting rid of roaches by submerging them in water, were you surprised to see them alive and happy?

Cockroach are stubborn insects, they have the ability to hold their breath for 40 minutes, which means submerging them into the water for half an hour won’t drown them.

There is an interesting fact, many species of cockroaches love to stay close to a constant water supply, however, only a few species can actually hold their breath to survive in water.

How Does a Cockroaches Breath?

Roaches have mouth through which they eat and drink. But they do not pose any special organs for breathing — like the nose as mammals have it.

Roaches only undergo a process like breathing through their body. Oxygen enters through tiny pores on this thorax. The tiny pores are called spiracles. Oxygen gets distributed throughout the entire body via a channel of trachea networks.

At a point when roaches need little oxygen, the spiracles on thorax are closed to preserve water vapor.

Now, these further explain the fact “roach can live up to a week without its head.” cockroaches would have been able to live beyond that time frame if they aren’t using their mouth for feeding or drinking.

Can Roaches Swim in Water?

Do cockroaches swim?

As said earlier, only a few species among the various species existing can swim. Most roaches with the ability to swim actually cannot do so in a way humans do. They actually don’t do, what roaches do is just float on water. No special swimming skills.

Roaches while in water have their spiracles closed, no water enters, so they stay floating.

Can Cockroaches Swim up Drains & Toilets?

Although it’s difficult to come across roaches popping up in your structure from drains and toilets. Although not common, It does happen!

Travelling up drains and pipe is quite easy for roaches, they just have to float up with their spiracles closed.

How to Eliminate Roaches from your Drains

Can Cockroaches Swim?

Cockroaches are known to contaminate foods, they spread germs and bacteria, and trigger some ailments — asthma.

Cockroaches have survived mass extinctions, that shows how stubborn they can be and hard to get rid off.

Cockroaches really like to live close to bathroom, and kitchen drain. They choose this spots because it’s a good source of both food and water.

So steps, in order to get rid of cockroaches, are discussed below.

  • Seal all pipe drains – it’s important to know how to locate cracks and holes in your drain pipes. You can make use of the right chaulk to seal the cracks and holes. Flashlights are effective in detecting cracks and holes.
  • Repair leaky faucets — roaches are always in love with standing water. So getting rid of stagnant water by fixing seal crevices and holes around the drain. You can easily get duct tape to quickly fix seal crevices and cracks. Using silicon caulk really provides you with a long-term solution.
  • Locate gaps around pipes underneath the sink — you can easily locate these gaps by merely looking below the sink. Repairing the gaps are easy, make sure of silicone sealant and urethane foam. However, if these holes are larger trying using steel wool or copper mesh before finally sealing them.
  • Attend to holes in your walls — these holes are usually visible and also easy to repair. All you need to seal off holes in your walls where roaches pass through, use insulating foam.
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