Best Roach Killer in 2020: Strongest Cockroach Killer

One of the most despised nasty insect known to man is roaches. Merely sighting them is enough to send you into a  frenzy. They are capable of making you feel restless, scared and uncomfortable at home. This has led a lot of house owners and offices in search for the best roach killer on the market.

Aside from the stated reasons above, they are also known to be carriers of disease and triggers many asthmatic symptoms. So it becomes paramount that you find the most effective roach killer, in order for your home to be saved from them.

This over the years has been getting easier –  eradicating roaches off your property. Cockroaches have been in existence for long, many believe they are as old as any animal. These nasty crawling insects are strong survivals; they have survived about 3 mass extinctions. Even a nuclear bomb blast wouldn’t kill them all.

However, despite the fact that they are strong survivals, humans have improvised and create products effective enough to kills cockroaches in your apartments, office, stores and also outdoors.

Best Roach Killer on the Market

Best Roach Killer Reviews

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait 1 Box (4 Tubes)

If you are tired of using a product that only targets only a single species of roaches, then Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait is the right pick. The product works effectively on a lot of roaches species know to man today: German, American, Australian, Smoky-Brown-banded, Brown, and the Asian cockroach.

This product makes it easier to target roaches hiding in dark, inaccessible places in your homes. These nasty crawlies makes the cracks and crevices in your house their homes. Getting to kill them physically might be difficult.

The product, Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, kills about 7 – 10 roaches at the same time effectively. You can rely on its ability to kill roaches for about 24 months. The product has its active ingredient – MetaActiveTM compound, the sole reason why roaches are eliminated.

This product has grown to become the choice of many pest professionals and regarded as the best roach gait. It is a powerful gel bait, that can be used to stop any level of a roach infestation, without much stress or hassle.

After purchase unlike many other roach killer product, there isn’t any difficulty in applying it to your home. For efficiency and desired results, it is strictly advised that you abide by the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

It is instructed that you use the gel bait on different locations in your home, about 3 – 5 for every 10 linear feet if you are experiencing a large infestation. While about 1 – 3 different spot per 10 linear feet also, if you are experiencing a small infestation.

The use of Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait is not restricted to indoor use only. The product is also effective when used to combat roaches outdoors. It helps protect your home from having roaches come indoor.

It comes in various packs: single pack or 2, 3, 5, 8, or 40-pack. The pack to be bought depends on the level of roach infestation experienced.


Very effective roach combat
Bait most species of roaches
Instantly killing
Effectively used either indoor and outdoor
Easy to apply


Some species of roaches get immune
It seems ineffective against German Cockroaches
It isn’t ideal for heavy infestation.

Final Verdict

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait is a powerful product, effective is eradicating most species of roaches known to man today. Its effectiveness has been the reason why it is recommended by professionals for use. It is one of the best roach killing products in today’s market.

Raid Ant & Roach Killer 17.5 oz-2 pk Insecticide Spray

The Raid Ant and Roach Killer Spray is another effective product. Its approach is quite different from others; the hands-on approach is what the product offers.

The spray is used to kill roaches instantly whenever you see any crawling on your wall or floor. You can easily spray the aerosol, and expect immediate death. Its killing effect lasts for up to 4 – weeks.

Raid Ant and Roach Killer Spray have two active ingredient – Imiprothrin about 0.060% and Cypermethrin about 0.100%. These two ingredients are popularly known to be effective insecticides that helps keep your home safe from pest infestations.

When it comes to the product that helps kill a roach on contact is Raid Ant and Roach Killer Spray. It is easy to use, as you can spray in areas where cockroaches exist: behind shelves, fridge, cupboard, or other dark places in your homes.

This is also one of the beat roach killers in the market that also kills others insects effectively: ants, waterbugs, silverfish, crickets, spiders, and the Multicoloured Asian Lady Beetle. You also have don’t have to bother about any chemical odor lingering around after you have applied the Raid Ant and Roach Killer Spray.


Highly effective roach killer
Fast acting
Act as both contact and surface spray
Odor is pleasant
Worth the penny


Not ideal for heavy infestations

Final verdict

Looking for the best roach killer for an apartment?  Raid Ant and Roach Killer Spray are one of the best choices you can get in the market that kills roaches instantly. It is simple to apply – just spray!

Harris Boric 16 oz Acid Roach Powder With Lure

The Harris is a popular brand that is widely known for its effectiveness in handling pest infestation. Since 1924, they have been on top of their game by manufacturing high-quality pest solutions.

Harris Boric Acid Powder is another one of Harris brand pest solutions for roaches. It is made up of 99% Boric acid and the rest with a special Harris’ special Food Grade Lure – the bait. This has earned it a spot among our cockroach killer reviews.

Its mode of operation is quite different from the hands-on approach. It works as a bait, attracting cockroaches towards to Boric acid which causes there skin to dry up.

In addition, when it comes to applying Harris Boric Acid Powder, you have to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. You need to apply the Powder in locations like under or behind furniture, appliances, cupboard, dishwashers, shelves and other locations where roaches are most likely to be. Some of these locations may be hard to reach, which is why the handy applicator comes along with Harris Boric Acid Powder.

Harris Boric Acid Powder is made to be effective irrespective of where it is being used: outdoors or indoors, and also domestic or industrial uses.

Furthermore, it helps your home to become insect free as it serves as an insecticide. Harris Boric Acid Powder handles all crawling insects including fire ants with low odor. It causes no harm to the environment and equally registered with the EPA.

It is non-toxic to both pets and human beings, but care should be taken, the product is not be inhaled or ingested. Hence, apply where your pets or kids cannot reach or come in contact with.

Furthermore, Harris Boric Acid Powder is also effective outdoors. You can apply on your pavement, cracks, and services outside, or anywhere with high roaches activity.

Please note, when applying this product outside be sure you do it right because the product comes in a powder form which is easily blown off. So it advisable to make use of the handy applicator which comes along with Harris Boric Acid Powder and put on a mask to prevent you from inhaling the powder.


High-quality product
Combat roaches and other insects effectively
Awesome price
Produced in the United States
Last Longer
EPA-registered pest solution
The handy applicator comes along with the product


Not appropriate for heavy roach infestation
Ineffective on heavy outdoor roaches.

Raid Roach Fogger

Best bug bomb for roaches

Homeowners wondering what is the best roach fogger on market? Should really look no more.

The brand, raid, is one of the famous brand known to produce insecticides. Raid Roach Fogger is one of the most effective cockroach bombs for house.

The product is not designed to combat cockroaches but also other insects like fleas, spiders, ants, and other varieties of bugs existing today. You are sure to be saved from these pests after applying for over 2 month due to its long-lasting effect.

Raid Roach Fogger is easily affordable and still offers exceptional high-performance roaches and insects eradication.

What most users find fascinating about this product: doesn’t stain and proves effective in deep inaccessible spots. You don’t need to be concerned about residual stains or roaches bidding in crack and crevices in your house.

It contains an active ingredient called cypermethrin which is known to be very effective chemical when trying to eradicate nasty creepy species of insects especially roaches.

Raid Roach Fogger unit package comes with three (3) foggers which make is enough to fight off or eradicate cockroaches in your homes. There is really no need for more unit package. A single fogger can provide protection across 600 square which is an impressive area, unlike other roaches foggers that exist today.


Proven effective against flying insects
No messy residues
Fast acting
No stains after application
Effective on deep corners
Two-month continuous residual mechanism eradication action
High-performance chemical formula


Not ideal for tough species of roaches like German cockroaches
The volume in a single fogger isn’t enough

Black Flag Roach Motel

How to use Cockroach traps

Do you prefer a sticky trap that helps you control roaches infestation and kill roaches on the spot? Then this is the best cockroach trap you will find on market.

Black Flag Roach Motel is a common choice for many customers both domestic and non-domestic purposes. It is very efficient and ideal either for large or small roaches.

One big benefit of this sticky trap over other conventional glue boards existing today is the fact that other glue boards allow you to see dead roaches all over the boards. However, Black Flag Roach Motel protects you from that. All you have to do is peek and see if the sticky trap is full.

So no worries about laying died roaches all around your homes.

Its effect last as long as 4 months, which depends on how operational it has been catching insects and roaches. However, once you have the product filled with stuck roaches, you can simply dispose the trap and replace with a new trap.

Black Flag Roach Motel is free from any active pesticides chemicals which makes it very safe for both child and pet.
It’s ideal for dealing with unusual roaches – since it kills roaches individually and not eliminate roaches nest.

Once a cockroach comes into it, there is no way out of it. They are trapped to death, just like a black hole. This provides you with a way to contain roaches and stop further breeding in your home.


Affordable and worth the price
Experience instant gratification
Ease of set up
Easy to dispose
No unpleasant odor
No direct contact with roaches
Most roach traps are non-toxic
May be used at inaccessible spots


No potential to get rid of entire roach nest
Does not keep roaches away in the long-term
Dead roaches in the trap might attract ants if left for too long

Final verdict

Their recognition and efficiency speak volume, you go to market get one and try it out. This product would not only prevent roaches from breeding but can also stop further infestation. And finally, you can have your homes free from them. No doubt, it is a great trap for catching cockroaches.

How to Use Most Effective Cockroach Killer for Apartments

Most Effective Roach Killer Bait

Whenever there is an infestation especially roaches, many homeowners believe there is an uncontrollable, unavoidable reality. They also believe these realities have to be struggled with or get adapted to eventually.

Roaches are very different from common pests you are aware of: waterbugs, dust mites, and many others. Aside from the fact that they are carriers of diseases, causes allergies and distress, eradicating these pests of your homes can be really challenging.

At this point, Advion cockroach gel bait saves you from all the havoc any species of roaches might have planned for you and your home. It is a gel bait with a proven record of its efficiency in handling roaches infestation in various spots: cars, home, or apartment. It’s an excellent product both for indoors and outdoors, and also sites: residential, commercial and industrial.

So, now we discuss how to use Advion cockroach gel bait for an optimum, desired results.

How does Advion cockroach gel bait works

The gel bait performs like other conventional gel bait, it eradicates the existence of cockroaches by destroying the roach’s nest using the commonly effected domino.

Its method is quite simple. The gel bait takes advantages of what cockroaches find interesting and attracted. Stuff that contains sugar and food remnants which they find it irresistible whenever they come in contact with them.

The gel bait is designed to apply the similar fashion. After roaches have consumed these bait, they head back to their colony and might take a little bait for their friends back in the colony.

The gel bait is formulated with an active chemical ingredient known as Indoxacarb, which does not kill instantly but allows the coaches to get back to their nest.

The reason behind this is to enable cockroaches to take part of the bait successfully to a their colony where it can be shared among one another. Within a couple of hours, they begin to get dehydrated and finally give up.

Another interesting fact about Advion cockroach gel bait is it easily infect other roaches once they come into contact with an even the slightest bit of the bait. So, if any cockroach feeds upon the dead body of a roach which was as a result of ingesting the gel bait or its feces, it would result in more infection, more death.

Using this method provides with over 40 kills with just one infected roach all at the same time. It can cause an alarming death rate, which might eventually help get roaches contained or even more.


Applying Advion roach gel bait is not difficult. A syringe always comes along with the product when purchased. The purpose of the syringe is to be able to get the gel bait into inaccessible places like cracks and crevices around your apartment.

However, in order to enhance the success of the gel bait, you will apply few tips discussed below:

To start with, avoid applying the bait on areas that are either dirty or greasy.

It is imperative that you make some house treatments beforehand you apply the bait. House treatments like sanitize the whole house, clear out any food remnants, stains or crumbs that might be present in your home.
First get the gel all loaded up in the syringe, then make use of polka dot techniques to get the bait on different spots in your apartment: behind shelves, appliances, beneath sinks, also in cracks and services.
When applying the gel, do not squirt it all over your home; few drops of Advion about 3 – 5 for every 10 linear feet is enough to handle large roach infestation. While for light infestation 1 – 3 drops of Advion gel bait per 10 linear feet.

There is popular misconception that for effectiveness you have to apply more of the gel bait. This is, in fact, false, Advion gel bait as no odor, so it’s impossible for a bait with no odor to attract more roaches.

If you have followed the tips discussed above, then you don’t have to worry, just watch Advion gel bait do all the killing. It takes only about 1 – 2 days for you to start noticing significant changes.

Note, it is crucial that you stick to one best cockroach killer on market. You should not try to mix them both; if you have applied Advion gel bait in a particular area, home or apartment, do not try making use of roach spray killer. This will only reduce the effectiveness of Advion gel bait. This should not be mix with another pest solutions.

Moreover, the product is ideal when you actually have roaches infesting your homes, office, or store. It does not help protect or prevent your home from roach infestation. You might find it a waste of the bait, if you don’t have roaches causing distress in your home.

You shouldn’t make a fuss if you discover that your bait is totally gone after few hours after you applied them with the syringe. This only shows that the cockroaches are attracted to the bait and consume it as they should.

So for the more effective result, you should place more bait in that very spot. You shouldn’t stop reapplying the bait are certain their colony is destroyed. Also, do not forget to clean the old bait off before reapplying the new bait on the same spot. You should do this almost every fortnight.

In addition, applying this product in areas with a temperature that is greater than 130  degrees is not advisable. This will only reduce the bait efficiency, as it is being melted during to high temperature. Equally, you should not place them in the area associated with lots of air current; it causes the gel bait to get dry which roaches find unpleasant.

Furthermore, Advion seems appropriate to be used after so other pest treatments like bombing, fogging, etc. You should know Advion gel bait can only be used after you are done with other treatment techniques. Any endeavor to use other pest solutions alongside the Advion gel bait can render it ineffective. So it’s important you remove or stop other pest treatment before applying this product.

At certain times roaches learn to adapt to the pest treatment. The bait might no longer have a significant effect on them with time. They are stubborn survivals, so at this point to need to do things differently. Trying changing the location where you usually place the bail; you can try few other dark and inaccessible places in your home. Or simply work on getting another best roach gel bait killer.

Finally, it is imperative that whatever you decide to place the bait should be inaccessible for both your pets and kids. Therefore, it is advice you pick the inaccessible and challenging place. However, accidents happen, should your kids or pets consume the gel bait, you need to visit the respective doctor for proper care if you have little or no idea on how to contain the issue yourself.

To end with, you should consider making your utensils properly washed with detergents and water before you make use of them. This takes off your skepticism –  cockroaches who have ingested or are infected might have come in contact with your utensils.


Below are awesome and worth-knowing features of the Advion gel bait, these include:
An active ingredient, Indoxacarb, which is about 0.6%.
Applicable for both indoor and outdoor
No foul odor
A Non-repellent roach killer
Works effectively on the most gel bait-averse cockroach species
It is also applicable in many commercial, industrial and residential buildings
It toxic levels are very low, which makes it very safer to use around kids and pets, unlike other conventional pest solutions.
Its bait is effective, as roaches love consuming
A high performing gel bait
High success rate; eradicating roaches nest
It has expiration rate; you can keep on using it after a year of purchase
Easily Affordable; offers you high quality and good value for your money


When it comes to roaches there are over 3000+ species out there. So, you used to be aware that roach killers are formulated to kill certain species of cockroaches.

Hence, it is important that you are such of the species of roaches that has just invaded your home, office or stores before heading out to purchase the best roach killer for apartments. Getting the wrong one will do you no good

When you have roach species like German, Brown, Asian, Smoky-brown, Australian, American, and Brown-Banded invade your home, the best roach killer on the market is Advion gel bait which provides mass elimination.

Equally, you should keep this in mind while you are in the market looking for the gel bait; it only works on cockroaches. It is totally ineffective against any other types pests in your apartment: fleas, dragonflies, fire ants, etc.

A lot of customers who had a great experience with Advion gel bait inquired on whether it will be effective against spiders, mice, rats, fruit flies and house flies and sadly, it never did.

How to Use Roach Bombs in Home

Roach Fogger for Apartments

A lot of people find cockroaches annoying, and we totally understand why anyone could be that anger towards them.

Cockroaches are known to be that little crawlies that help spread germs all over your home especially, household stuff. These sometimes serve as a trigger for many allergic symptoms or asthma attacks.

Reasons as these have pushed sensitive individuals to look for the best bug bomb for cockroaches or wonder what is the best roach fogger on the market.

When it comes to heavy cockroach infestation your best bet is the bug bombs. It can help you contain the situation, however, care needs to be taken when handling such products.

About Bug Bombs

Bug bombs are often referred to as total release foggers. They are products formulated and designed to spit out all of its chemical contents in an instant.

In order for you to have the bug bomb locked into your desired location, you should push the valve button, which immediately starts spewing a fine aerosol from its container. The discharge fills the surrounding atmosphere with insecticide, which usually has permethrin, methoprene or pyrethrins has its active ingredient.

The aerosol tiny droplets first are afloat in the air, after a short while it falls back onto your household surfaces.

Using Bug bombs come with some advantage and disadvantages.


It is very effective when combating or containing heavy roach infestations
kill roaches exposed to the spray
are convenient
easy to use
Easily affordable compared to other pest solutions designed for eliminating the large infestation


Also, there are few cons about Bug bombs you should keep in mind.

Bug bomb:

has chemicals that might be harmful to kids, adults, pets, and aquatic animals
offer you relief for the time being; because the spewed aerosol is unable to reach into the nooks and crannies where roaches take refuge. The mist
often repels roaches, which result in roach digging deeper in cracks and cervices or other inaccessible places, so they stay away from the mist.

Using Bug Bombs

Provided you make use of roaches foggers as instructed, you should notice significant attenuation in the numbers.


Foggers are only effective for killing insects, provided you are applying the foggers in a confined space. Therefore, keep all openings, windows, and doors, closed. So the treatment area becomes airtight, you can achieve this by turning off AC, fans, smoke alarms and other ventilation equipment present in the treatment area.

For safety purpose, you should make certain that any ignition sources are removed from the treatment area: lit cigarette or burning fireplace, as well as pilot lights in gas water heaters, ovens or stoves. Also make sure every appliance using electricity are unplugged like AC units, thermostats, and refrigerators. So, you can avoid sparks.

Bug bombs have their aerosol containing flammable indigents which can become an actual bomb with a little spark. Especially when the electrical appliance is turned on and off in the treatment area.

In addition, their other home treatment you have to do before using the pesticide – this requires you to either remove or cover:

exposed food
pet and kids toys
eating utensils, dishes, pet bowls and food processing equipment
food preparation surfaces
wood furniture and floors in the area surrounding the bug bomb
electronics in the treatment area
Fishes present in an aquarium

Be sure there are no kids, pets, houseplants or even adults staying in the treatment area. The toxicity present in the bug bombs is very high and can cause harm, which is due to the chemicals used to formulate the pesticides. Therefore, you should think twice before using it.

Another step you have taken to ensure the general safety of all is to place a door hanger on the door of leading to the treatment area. Bug bombs also have a door hanger come with it or put some kind of sign you know your friends or anyone will understand. The sign has to state that people should keep off for the treatment area.

Take a chair, small desk, stand or stool and place anyone one of them at the very center of the room about to be treated with bug bombs. Do not forget to wrap the surface with old newspaper, paper towels or a drop cloth to protect it from damages.

You can also read this article for more helpful information.


Now, here comes the decision on how many bug bombs you need for the confined space. To figure this out you need to know the area of the treatment area in cubic feet. You can easily do this, it’s a simple math, just multiply the measured area’s length by height and by its width.

According to The California Department of Pesticide Regulation, it is instructed that you should not use more than recommends 1 ounce of bug bomb product for every 1,000 cubic feet of space you are willing to treat.

Equally, you should never use two or more bug room for a room. Also, avoid placing a fogger inside a very small space like cupboard, closets, beneath tables, chairs, or any room with a dimension less than 5ft x 5ft. This is inappropriate, rather allow the mist to diffuse to these enclosed space by leaving them wide open or exposed.

Patiently read the while instructions written on the product’s label. It is necessary so you can follow the procedures as directed: always keep the nozzle pointed away from your face and push the valve button to keep the lock open.

This activates the bug bomb which should now be carefully placed on a stool, small desk at the center of the treatment area. After this, you should immediately as fast as you can to vacate the premises.


The premises, a treatment area, would be left alone for the stipulated amount of time stated On the product’s label. Usually, it between 2 – 4 hours, after then can you return back to the treatment area. Upon returning, immediately open all doors, vents, and windows

Do not stay indoor after opening all openings. Leave the premises again for about 30 – 45 mins for the treatment area to air out naturally. Make sure it will air out; you are not supposed to perceive any odor for it to be safe to stay indoors.

Once you are sure the bug bombs mist are well aired out, then you can turn on fish aquariums and reconnect all your appliances smoke alarms, thermostat, air conditioning unit, fans, and others.

Now, you can start working on getting your rooms all tidy out. Clean out any surface that was exposed to the treatment – food prep areas, counters, tables, floors and any other surfaces. This ensures children or pets don’t get in contact with the remnants.

Final verdict

Roaches are tough to kill, so you need to know the appropriate product that helps you overcome them. Critically examine the strongest cockroach killer on the market discussed above and pick one that suits your current situation. After deciding, applying, now, watch your home become roach-free.

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Dinesh has a few years of experience in Pest control. Apart from his interest in sports, he has helped many people to get rid of cockroaches and other pests.

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