Baby Cockroach Images | What a Baby Roach Look Like (with Pictures)

When we talk about babies, we usually think of cute, cuddly creatures.

But, unfortunately, baby roaches do not fall in the same category.

Now, if you see a baby roach in the toilet or kitchen, then you are in for a big problem because that might be a sign of infestation.

If you see the images of baby roaches, you will find that they look very similar to the adult ones except for a few major differences.

So today, we’ll discuss all about baby roaches and also check out a couple of real baby roaches images so that the next time you see one in your house, you immediately know what you are dealing with!

What Does a Baby Cockroach Look Like

The baby roaches are just like the adult ones.

They are small in size, and don’t have wings like the adult versions of themselves.

If we talk about the color of baby roaches, then I must tell you that, it varies from species to species.

Below, you will see pictures of baby cockroaches, they white in color, and some are black in color. So, it depends on their species type.

Baby German Cockroach

These are very common in the houses, and the baby cockroaches in your kitchen are maybe baby German roaches.

The bodies of German baby roaches are smooth, and they are very small, approximately, just 3 millimeters in the length.

The baby Germans don’t have any wings, but with time, when they grow big, they develop wings, but they are not capable to fly.

The population of German roaches increases rapidly; therefore, you need to get rid of them while they’re still young.

Baby American Cockroaches

Baby American roaches, as compared to their adult versions, are not that scary, but it doesn’t mean you can tolerate them in your home.

Their presence in your home is a clear indication that they are breeding in your house, and in the future, they are going to crawl in your house.

Even, there are some cases, when these roaches bite and it leaves marks on the body. You can check this article that shows what does a cockroach bite look like.

The adult American roaches are reddish brown in color, while the baby American roaches are darker in color if you compare them with the adult ones.

Baby Americans also don’t have wings; however, they develop wings just like the German roaches when they grow into adults.

The baby American roaches stay hidden in the dark places where they can get the food easily; they only come out when they become old enough to live their life on their own.

Therefore, you will only see adults crawling, not the baby roaches.

Baby Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental roaches are not popular as much as Americans and German roaches.

They are often referred to as the “water roaches” or “black beetles,” as they are either dark brown or black and glossy.

Oriental cockroaches have wings but they prefer to run rather than fly.

They prefer to stay out of sight of humans and hence love the outdoor environment.

However, once inside, they usually dwell in high moisture places like drains and sewers that are out of harm and sight from humans.

Just like all of them, the Oriental baby roaches are smaller in size, and they don’t have wings.

Baby Roaches Images

These are the pics of baby roaches that you should check.

By seeing these images of baby cockroaches, you will get a clear idea about what do baby roaches look like.

What does baby roaches look like
Baby cockroach images
Pictures of Baby Roaches

These images are taken by the Flick user Matt Reinbold.

Exterminate Roaches with Pest Control

Presence of baby roaches in your house is a sure shot sign of an infestation.

While there are various solutions you can adopt to eliminate these hell raisers, it is always recommended to hire a licensed exterminator in case of a heavy roach infestation.

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Final Words

If you notice baby roaches in your house, it means that you are well in the middle of an infestation so may need to take the help of Pest Control Companies.

In that case, knowing the average cockroach extermination cost will be helpful to you.

The baby roaches may not scare you like the adults, but you cannot ignore their presence.

They grow big in a few days, and they will spread diseases.

According to the WHO, just like flies, roaches play a secondary role in spreading many diseases.

So, I hope that this article was helpful to you. If you want to know any information about cockroaches, then check out our other articles.

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